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All but player silhouettes and menues are just white?


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Hi, I've been playing 0AD on my mac for quite some time. The last version I played was beat 24 something, it worked like a charm, no issues whatsoever (although I just played quick skirmishes)

However, I just upgraded to the latest version beta 25 Yauná and when I start a new single player match, it starts fine, but when the game starts it looks like the attached picture :/

Any ideas what's going on? I'm playing on a base MacBookPro M1, 8GB RAM, latest OS, Big Sur 11.6.

I'm not sure where to find any logfiles that might help, pointers appreciated :)

Thank you in advance.

Skærmbillede 2021-10-03 kl. 10.45.24.png

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47 minutes ago, g33z3r said:

Nothing shows up searching that either :/ Thanks for the suggestion though.

Whenever I had sth to do on a Mac I hated how well it hides paths and other stuff...

This is what my \logs dir shows:



@g33z3r Could you search for any of those, maybe without the .ext? I assume you got the rights to see those, or know how to show stuff that's not displayed on default...

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11 hours ago, g33z3r said:

The Game Data Paths guide seems somewhat out of date, this is what I get when looking up the mentioned paths;

You are in the wrong place.

You are here: 

  • /Library/Application Support


You need to go here:

  • /Users/picus/Library/Application Support


Edit1: Private message from @g33z3r


"0 A.D. (0.0.25) Main log (warnings and errors only)

ERROR: Failed to compile shader 'shaders/glsl/fxaa.fs': ERROR: 0:1: '' : version '130' is not supported

After disabling "Antialiasing" the problem was solved. See IRC 0ad conversation 3/Oct/21

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