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School Is Starting


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Yep! School is starting. A long and boring day for me. I'm first to be picked up on the bus and last to be dropped off. I have to go to my locker a ton of times a day, get to places at the other end of school, get back to where I started when the bell rings after that, but first I have to go to my locker again, and it's all confusing.

Anyone who agrees with me, say so in your head and try not to be miserable.


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What???? That makes no sense.

Smoking is way more offensive than throwing a snowball.

I'm registered as an 8th grader, but I'm homeschooled for all but two classes (World History and Calculus, both at the High School) which I can sleep through, so I get it easy. :lol:

But the homeschooling part is not so fun.... My dad isn't a great teacher (a foreigner teaching English is not very easy.) and my mom can only teach math.

I started about 3-4 weeks ago (can't remember)

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