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Fall Sports

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Fall sports had a wet start here in Cleveland. Today we had a cross country race (5k), I ran an 18:05 to get 8th place (a few less than 100 total I'm guessing) and finished behind two team-mates who finished 3rd and 7th. Overall my team placed 2nd, which is pretty good because there were quite a few Division I schools there, and we're D II.

The course was pretty wet and muddy after an hour or so of rain, but it cleared up right before my race :P

It looks like we should have a good team this year, since we always peak at the right time, in the postseason. I hope to get my time under 16:50 by the end of the season, get all-Ohio, and team place in top three.

So anyone else participating in fall sports this year? Share your conquests, goals, etc :P

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I like running because it's easy to get started, you can do it by yourself, and it's fun to improve your time :P

I also just got elected captain, but that isn't really much of a surprise since I am the only senior on the team. I'll try postinn some pictures of my next meet on Sat., my parents weren't at this one because my sister had a horse show the same day :P

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Whoo-ho we made the PD (Plain Dealer)!

Wildcats, Bobcats dominate the field

Aurora, which finished fifth in the Division II state meet last season, ran away with the boys gold division championship. Chris Dennison led the Greenmen with a runner-up finish, in 17:36. Teammates Jake Baechle (third, in 17:43) and Andy Kobyljanec (fourth, in 17:53) were right behind him.

Well, we're just a footnote at the bottom of the article, but its cool whenever your team goes 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 16th, and 30th in an XC invitational :lol:

And we got 4th at the state meet last year, because one team was disqualified from the meet (they went to court over it too, good fun). Heh I'm pretty into XC this year :drug:

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gj what place did you get at the meet?

All we run now are invitationals with 10 - 40 teams. I ran a little slower than I would like last sat., but at least I improved from last week. Plus, our coach makes sure we peak at the right time, and states is still a month away.

I bet if you came down to my altitude you'd run much faster. When I was in Colorado I was sucking air pretty bad (at least at first).

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gj? Is that me? I'm not sure if your talking to me, but hey, I'll answer anyways! :lol:

I'm actually not sure how I placed at the meet. Not even in the first half I don't think... Our top seven didn't run, instead nine through fifteen did, and I was ten (on the team, which means I was second man in the race). I want to improve quite a bit as well. 17:00 would be quite a goal for me.

...and I live in Illinois, not Colorado. (*says hi from the west!*)

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shoot... I thought it was Utah... :lol:

I go to a smaller school, so I'm third on my team even though I'm running the same time you are :P I have a friend that lives in Naperville, and tried to try out for golf, but there were something like 100 people also trying out. Over here, every athlete is a precious commodity!

It's also quite hilly, which makes for good cross country.

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Here are some pics from our last meet...





We got 2nd place in the DI (bigger school) race, and are currently ranked 10th in the state, although the only state rankings that matter are the results!

Swimming is probably the hardest sport that I know of, it's also good cross training for anything else (even football)

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Here's the link to our most recent results from a meet in Youngstown, OH. Got 5th place as a team, which is respectable this time in the season, and considering the competition (all the teams that beat us were top 7 at states last year), about 40 teams and 300 individuals overall. Good news, the former top team at the state had half their team suspended for supposedly blowing up dumpsters. No one knows how long they'll be out, but this is the same team that went to court over regional results since they finished 1 place out to qualify, and lost :)

Here's a pic at the end:


Chris finished 2nd, Me 30th (17:48 :) ), Jake 11th, and Adam 90 something...

Much better than last year though, I finished 103rd, horrible.

17:36 for 3 or 3.1 miles? We always run 5k's, which is 200m more, or about 20-30 seconds I suppose.

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