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What happened to.....

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As his neighbor, I can say that he is quite busy both in Real-Life making computers for other people as well as being in a demanding clan. He even had a brief job at my parent's work very recently for about 2 weeks, filling in for a guy who had to go in for surgery.

While we're on the subject of AWOL formers, I wonder what happened to Dnas and Pinkisacolor? :indifferent:

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I don't post much right now.

Too busy with LotR modpack as someone said. I'm pretty much the only modder left in the clan, so I've got a lot of work to do.


Any mods that are hosted on http://home.insightbb.com/~dnas/ are mine except Haldir (I did the Lothlorian version and the head, but someone else did the armor), Frodo and Sam (I only fixed them up).

I'm also busy with math. (I have huge goals that will need lots of work.)

Also, I'm online here fairly often. Just too lazy to post.

.....and number association disappeared, so I can't post big numbers anymore. :-(

pinky.... he's weird. I think he's quit.

He requested to be banned on my message board. Don't ask me why. He posted spam, and sent me emails for the request. (Yes, I know he was him because I know his IP and I asked him personally.) :indifferent:

Anyway, I am kind of surprised that someone actually remembered me.

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