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The characters of the never ending story !

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Galactic Empire

Black Op: Emperor of the Galactic Empire and the Dark Lord

ZeZar: Darth ZeZar, Black Op's apprentice

King Tutankhamun : General, The King of the Thousand Oaks Sector, he became a major ally of the Dark Lord when the EMPIRE came to power. He now is the head of the Imperial Intelligence Agency.

Commander Brian: Tutankhamun's aide who's notorious for bickerring and causing severe mishaps.

Curufinwe : Admiral, replaced Akya as invasion commander.

SpHeRe31459: One of the Empire's best Special Ops.

Shykre: Lieutenant aboard the Silver Dragon.

Dr. Chadeous: Brilliant scientist who makes gadgets for Imperial agents, often for King Tut and Brian who usually breaks it. Known as "C".

Dr. Van Nueter: Dr. Chadeous' brain surgeon, died in a lab accident.

Argalius: Droid used by King Tutankhamun to track Swellick.

Commander MarkT: CO of an IIA monitoring facility.

Dr. Mystic-Al-Bob: Replaced Van Nueter as "C"'s assistant, expert in X-Weapons Dev.


CheeZy : The one who first discovered a robot had taken the place of CO, later discovered to be a robot

TheRealDeal: TheRealDeal: AKA Ken Word, helps CheeZy fight the robots, Wijitmaker's trainer

Quacker : A friend, gets captured by the robots and replaced

Acumen : Pocket pal of TheRealDeal

Wijitmaker : The man in charge of the ship 0AD

CodeOptimist : A friend of CheeZy, member of WFG, he is later discovered to be powerful in the Force and Akya's older brother.

Akya: Former Imperial Admiral and footsoldier, she had changed her loyalties and gone after her brother CodeOptimist, member of WFG. After numerous attempts at restarting her career with the Empire met with failure, she has no place left but WFG. She has been slightly trained in the Force by Master Swellick.

Chichigrande: Resistance fighter against the Nazis who allied with CodeOptimist

DarkAngelBGE: 1st Mate of the 0AD, discovered 'Randy's Explosives Empire" which was a front for the Empire

Mythos_Ruler: Crewmember of the 0AD

SturgeonSurgeon: Accused of being the cook of the 0AD

TheCobra1 :member of the elite fighters of the 0AD.

Klaas: long lost accomplice of WFG.

Uppy: Related to both SturgeonSurgeon and TheCobra1.


ElfTheHunter: First Mate of the Last Alliance, 0AD's sister ship.

av_nefardec:Gold leader, he leads the attack on the Executor

rohirwine:commander aboard of the Last Alliance


Enerwaen:Gold eight, an elite pilot

Wildfire Legends team




Jedi master

Swellick : he abducted Akya when she was reduced to being a footsoldier and trained her in the way of the Force. He tells her she is needed, that her brother needs her thus making her break completly her loyalty to the Empire. He dies after being shot in the head by Sphere and become a spirit.

Dnas: Messenger for Master Swellick.

Robots = a faction who has been destroyed

RobotOptimist: A robot who had taken the place of CO

RobotDak Losar: Destroyed by TheRealDeal

Quackernotquaker: A robot who had taken the place of Quacker, has been discovered and destroyed

Eken132 : Leader of the robots.

RobotKlaas: Tried unsuccessfuly to spy on WFG movements.

Axis Powers = has surrendered to the GE...except a small faction

Ph4ntom: Leader of The Knights That Say Black Op Will Regret This, formerly called the Nazis and now called CHIPOTLE

Tonto Icy Tripod: The Grand Admiral of The Knights That Say Black Op Will Regret This Starfleet now called CHIPOTLE starfleet.

Last Samurai: Ph4ntom's brother and Commander in the Axis Navy, now part of the CHIPOTLE resistance group.

Night Hawk: Chancellor of the Galactic Axis Powers, surrendered to the Empire.

The Prophet: Former Grand Marshal of the Wehrmacht, the Axis military. Now the leader of the Allied Powers.

Guardian : CHIPOTLE Propaganda Minister

Dragon Galactic Domination Network

Cat: Human/cat hybrid who leads this secret pro-Imperial cult.

Captain Aldaron: The Executor's captain, also a member of DGDN.

Zeus147: Guard aboard Ph4ntom's ship. He's been posted there by DGDN to remain dormant until he was needed.

Jeremiah: Aldaron's second.

Arctic: Is part of Team 1 during the mission to kill Akya aboard the Vengeance.

Danthered: Has been posted with Zeus147 aboard Ph4ntom's ship.

Crasher: Also with Zeus aboard Ph4ntom's ship<

Battlestar : Leader of the infiltration team aboard the Vengeance, he had succeeded in obtaining the post in surveillance.

cameraman : Has been posted with Zeus, he's the one who reveals important informations to Akya by mistake. He'll remain aboard the Vengeance.

Hehe, I took over the list now, came up with the ideas anyway ~ Randy

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