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...not miles, triangles.

There is that great wiki page written 22 months ago: https://trac.wildfiregames.com/wiki/ArtPolyCountGuidelines#PolygonCountLimits with recommendations and a link to one artist (a great one) tips.

Here are them:

Type of object Max triangle count
Humanoid bodies 1000
Humanoid props 100
Building props 200
World props 200
Small animal bodies 250
Medium animal bodies 500
Big animal bodies 1000
Trees (per tree trunk with leaves) 1000
Bushes 500
Small buildings 5000
Medium buildings 10000
Big buildings 15000
Wonder 25000


Looking at the game meshes currently (perhaps not exactly in sync with a24b or current revision), I extracted some numbers:

name num_faces
art/meshes/skeletal/campaigns/mace_soldier 1108.0
art/meshes/skeletal/campaigns/spart_leonidas 1110.0
art/meshes/skeletal/campaigns/alexander 1180.0
art/meshes/skeletal/maur_trader 1202.0
art/meshes/skeletal/trader_cart 1224.0
art/meshes/skeletal/target_marker 1232.0
art/meshes/skeletal/fauna_hippopotamus 1422.0
art/meshes/skeletal/elephant_asian_male 1538.0
art/meshes/skeletal/elephant_african_bush 1602.0
art/meshes/skeletal/elephant_african_baby 1666.0
art/meshes/skeletal/elephant_african_forest 1666.0
art/meshes/skeletal/horse_breed 1666.0
art/meshes/skeletal/horse_barb 1682.0
art/meshes/skeletal/horse 1682.0
art/meshes/skeletal/pony 1682.0
art/meshes/skeletal/horse_tessalian 1682.0
art/meshes/skeletal/horse_lusitano 1682.0
art/meshes/skeletal/horse_celtic 1682.0
art/meshes/skeletal/horse_marwari 1714.0
art/meshes/skeletal/horse_persian 1714.0
art/meshes/skeletal/elephant_asian_armored_03 2248.0
art/meshes/skeletal/camel 2294.0
art/meshes/skeletal/elephant_asian_armored_04 2403.0
art/meshes/skeletal/bear_polar 2528.0
art/meshes/skeletal/bear 2530.0
art/meshes/skeletal/elephant_asian_armored_01 3280.0
art/meshes/skeletal/elephant_asian_armored_02 3444.0


There are more interesting numbers but I won't paste all that here.


- Do we speak of the same numbers?

- Is that expected?

- Do the recommendations include the props?

- Does it matter?


Again, very nice art!



Ta-da-da-ta, ta-da-da-ta, ta-da-da-ta, ta-da-da-ta



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- Does it matter?

more triangles = more gpu usage = (can) result in less fps with many units

you know, all multiplayer players play with maximum zoom anyway and we dont even see if the models are good or bad lel

by the way, my low poly planets, in my indie game im coding, have only 3k triangles lel so thats less than your elephants but theyre so much bigger

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