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Maps Breaking Changes after rP24653


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Phab:rP24411, Phab:rP24414, Phab:rP24194 removed the differencr between terrain ambient colors and unit ambient colors to allow for future optimizations of the renderer.
Phab:rP24661 removes the option breaking the loading of maps therefore required an increase of map version.

Phab:rP24653 increases the version to 7. You will need to run the following script on all your maps.

Fortunately you can use the script at Phab:P232 to fix all your maps.

We need those changes to be able to use PBR someday amongst other things.

You need to have Python 3 (there is a chance that it works for 2 as well) installed to run the script.

  1. Go into your map folder
  2. Create a file named "fix-maps.py" (name does not matter)
  3. Copy the contents of Phab:P232 in that file.
  4. Open a command line or a terminal in that folder
  5. Run
python3 ./fix-maps.py 7 scenarios skirmishes tutorials



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