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Following the thread below, @wraitii and myself have tried out several ideas to limit the possibility of dancing. In fact 8 different patches have been worked out by the two of us. A thankyou goes to @ValihrAnt and @Feldfeld for some preliminary testing. Links to all the patches are available in the relevant ticket https://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/5106.


TL;DR. As it stands now two patches have been committed. Firstly https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2913 by wraitii to stop the case of patrol dancing (arguably the easiest way of dancing). This will make units patrolling wait a few seconds on each waypoint. So at the waypoints the unit is immobile and thus will be hit by arrows. Patrolling units will keep responding to nearby attackers, even if they are standing still at the waypoint. Secondly https://code.wildfiregames.com/D2837 by myself, to limit the dancing possibilities for all moves. This patch lets unit take time to rotate while moving. Hence the unit will be shortly immobile each time it turns. Again arrows will hit the target much easier each time the unit rotates, and thus dancing should be limited. Notice the rotation time takes effect on ALL moves and ALL rotations during the move. So big masses of units will slightly clutter en move slower (one can use formations, which have a much better performance compared to A23b, to counter this).


Albeit we hope dancing is fixed now, there is no way for us to be sure. The best way to get more certainty is for you, the experienced dancer, to try out the svn version and dance away. Bring your best dance moves to the contest and please upload any replays showing your dancing skills in svn.

In case dancing is still intrusive in gameplay, some additional fixes are in stand-by.

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I tested it and it makes it impossible to dance. At least I didn't manage to find a way to play it in the short time I messed with it. The one problem with this is that it does make unit movement feel very clunky. Maybe it can be fiddled with to make it nicer though currently, gameplay wise, experimenting with units having aimbot could feel a lot smoother, but that's just me.

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