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ETH Poll #4 - Game Genre Type

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Adventure - Siberia, Giants: Citizen Kabuko

Arcade - PacMan, Tetris

Competition - Soul Calibur, Need for Speed

FPS - Half-Life, Halo

MMO - EverQuest, PlanetSide

RPG - Morrowind, Final Fantasy

RTS - StarCraft, Age of Empires

Simulation - Sim City 4, Flight Simulator

Sports - Madden 2001, NBA Shootout

TBS - Total War, Lord of the Realms

If you could as well when you vote,

1.) Name which you voted for

2.) Give what you consider to be the best examples

3.) Give a short description of what defines the genre in your opinion

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I voted for FPS

Stuff like Halo, Max Payne 2 (read below), Half-Life...

I see FPS not as the name implies but more open to Action where you play through the leading role. The camera can be 3rd person, but as long as you play it as a FPS, it'll be a FPS. I find genre catagories to be inapropriate as they currently exist (and have yet to create a better system) because for example, I see Max Payne 2 as a FPS but not Grand Theft Auto... I think, to be a FPS you need to identify with the character and play his/her role and of course there needs to be shooting.

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