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ETH Poll #3 - Next-Generation Consoles

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Hey John, that's some nice info there... didn't know almost anything of that.

How's reverie doing? Haven't been able to log on to the forums...

I know MS is losing money on the Xbox, but it can't be that much or else why are they still are pushing for game developers to work for the Xbox? And then there's Xbox 2 which is in development, I assume they might try to fix some of the mistakes (in their opinion) they made on the first one?

Anyway, glad this poll worked out, nice discussion ;)

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I'm not sure xbox2 will have any big changes infact they may just update there processors toss a little more memory in and be done with it.

Reverie is doing fine though are graphics department is disorganized as always, ya the forums has some error in it you can get on if you go to the seperate log in page at the top, after you log in it will still give you an error but now if you got the main forum page again and refresh you will be loged in

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Well, i have a PS2 and i have played game cube many times and i have never used an XBOX before, so i just voted in terms of best(specs) for the XBox. I am personally a PC fan. I can get emulators for old game systems (N64, Super Nintendo, Game Boy, sega, etc.) and virtually any good game for a consule ends up being released on PC, just like Vice Cite, Halo, GTAIII, etc. Therefore, PC is still the best. :)

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The best console systems of all time are.

1) Super Nintendo

2) N64

3) Nintendo Entertainment System

4) Game Boy/ Game Boy Advanced

5) GameCube

Nintendo offers an experience that the other consoles do not. When I really want to play something that is different from what I play on my computer, I turn to Nintendo. The other consoles basically give you games that are dead similar to those that you would find on your PC, and lately it seems that you can get all the those games for your PC. Don’t get me wrong I enjoyed playing through Halo, but while I was playing I couldn’t stop thinking about how this would be much better on a PC.

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so there ... i did it and bought my kids a Gamecube bundle along w/ Zelda Windwaker and Finding Nemo for a whopping 160 Euros. now i've gotta get a nice memory card and a second controller ... heh ... now my wallet starts bleeding :)

i gave it a whizz on saturday evening and rather liked it - setup is pretty easy and done in a few minutes ... plus the size is a big bonus for me (us) as my son can easily pack it up in his trolley and venture off to the grandparents so that me and my wifey have some time off :D

anyway ... there is a possibility of connecting up to 8 GC's using the Broadband-Adapter for LAN-play (needing a hub of course). playing over the internet is very under-developed because the only title that currently supports Online Play for the GC is Phantasy Star Online ... but that may change in the near future.


any good game for a consule ends up being released on PC, just like Vice Cite, Halo, GTAIII, etc. Therefore, PC is still the best.  

yep - of course you are right - but it frees up MY pc when the kids want to play ... i just send them off into the living room :)



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