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Add the ability to sign up multiple computers in the same hour

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I am trying to play with my brother, apparently we need to have accounts. So we both attempted to sign up but couldn't because we are using the same router and only one ip is allowed per hour. This is appallingly poorly thought out and I hope you can change it.

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in case you are in the same houshold, you do not need to have accounts if just you two want to play.
You can use direct hosting for that, just you need to know ip of the other computer for that, unless till that one hour passes.
I do not see this restriction to be removed easily as it is there to prevent account creation spamming or quick multiple account creation.

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@Angen you are missing THE POINT, people dont want on their internal network against each other, brothers and sisters want to have own team and play against real players in the lobby. So please make some useful statements to cover also this. We are preventing "second account" and disallowing others to play.. Quite bad ... bad bad... solution... freedom is solution not restriction. Back to communism

Proposed solution: Unlock restriction per IP, Allow sub-account, family accounts.. 

Make rating games possible only for approved players. (limits = played games 100+, time spend on 0ad, whatever you want)

For other you can always use VPN, smart phone connection to override this "silly" settings like china has and 0ad have... 





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