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Do You Like Roll-playing-games ?

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I'm guessing that this would work something like a play by email RPG. The designated GM would describe the player's actions and affect all die rolls and plot development, and the players would post replies saying what their character chooses to do in that situation.

If you were going to do this, it would probably be preferred to pick a well-known game system, like AD&D, so that we're all familiar with the rules and don't have to spend a long period making them up. Also keep in mind that RPGs are typically best played with small parties.

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Here are two fun massive multiplayer text-only RPGs, they are about the only RPGs I actually like :P

Kings of Chaos

In this one, you get people to click your "unique link" to give you soldiers. Neat idea!

Lords of Legend

This one seems more stable than Kings of Chaos. No link-clicking either.

They are both pretty similar (attack people to get gold, buy troops, buy weapons/armor, etc). It's be simply awesome if WFG had something like this :D

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I guess it is a text-based RPG.

Basically, in the two games I mentioned above, you sign up for an account and you get a "base" (minimal defenses) and a small amount of cash. Then you train soldiers, buy weapons, attack people to steal some of their gold, and so on.

If the game is designed well, you won't have to keep loading it to do "maintenance" on your army.. you should be able to leave it for a few days and come back to do a few attacks, etc. :D

I think it would be a good thing to add to the forums, kind of like a seperate module. That way, people can find a way to spend their forum points as well :P

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Well, I think that before any coding is done, the different aspects of the game should be decided on (races, units, defenses, upgrades, etc).

Once the design has been settled on and written down (much like the DDs for 0AD and TLA), then someone can code it. That way, they know exactly what to code, instead of "making it up as we go along".

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