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  1. Hi Dannerich, welcome to Wildfire Games Community Forums. B-) I know you will have a great time. What is your real name ?
  2. Hmm I like stuff that represents a person. Make some cool graphics design and stick your name on it in bold letters.
  3. I have gained a lot of friends, which I am really thankful for.
  4. When writing an essay in a language and you have to interprete something, how do you do it ? Thanks.
  5. Welcome Cobra. I know you will have a nice time here with us.
  6. When are you going to show us all the websites you have done already ? Just screenshots or so..might be interesting.
  7. I think it is better to have that system consistent on all wfg forums, just me.
  8. Just something like 200, or more like 5000 ?
  9. In the crier #2, I believe, there was also a note about it...
  10. Happy B-Day Randy. Cannot wait to know your presents.
  11. Got this cool blue wfg sign now. On 0ad or TLA it looks different though. Deliberate or a bug ?
  12. WHat is the size of your room in square metres ? The one with the biggest value should win some currency. (the rich get richer..how it is always these days ;-( ) 13
  13. Hey Ingold, I like Bulgaria and your posts on TLA so far. Haven't seen you much on the WFG Main Forums though.
  14. I like how you always put ( into your posts. (
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