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Question for the Artists/Modders


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There's also a modding guide, in case you have not seen it: 


There are good tutorials at the end of that page. I would recommend doing those first. You might want to start with Basic3DImplementation and then CreatingNewUnits. 

After that, search the forums for information on how to edit your mod's .json file to add a new civ.

Then get familiar with the file structure of 0Ad mods in general. A good exercise for this is to create all of the folders that you will need for your mod, from scratch. Not the actual contents, just empty folders with the right names and placed in the right places. You won't need to recreate every single folder, just the ones you need. 

Then you can start to add files to those folders. For example, you will need .xml files for your actors, .dae files for your meshes, and .png files for your textures. 

If you are stuck with something, study how other mods made it work it, as @badosu pointed out. Once you have a general idea for your civ, start gathering references and investigating, as @Trinketos suggested. If you plan on making a historical civ, then those investigations will be the heart of your mod. But even if you are going to make something purely fictional, you will still benefit enormously from having good references. For example, metal should shine like metal, no matter if it's for a sword or a spaceship.

Hope that helps.

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