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World weight map to generate new realistic maps


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Hi there,
It's been a while since my last post...
I've talked with Elexis about generated map and he told me to look at the script in the red sea map, I tried to do generate new maps importing real maps in the map editor.
This is what I've found out:

-the map downloaded from NASA is very high res, even too much, so the result is that uploading the weight-map sometimes you can get a mess of vertices.
to fix that I did some experiments using lower res map and the result seems to be better, to eliminate noise even more I worked in blender with the compositor.

in weight map

white= high

black = low

Since the sea dept does not influence the game play I decided to simplify it by changing the colors of the sea in full black, then I've created a mask of all the continents.

I wanted to keep some of the info about mountains and remove some of the details so I've applied a blur effect just before the oceans mask,
in this way mountains are less likely to be spiky and the map requires less smoothing in editing,

at the same time the margin between sea and land remains sharp and it doesn't get blurred.

You can see the node editor in the blender file if this explanation is not clear.

I think this may simplify the creation of geographical maps, by working in gimp,  just by selecting the zone of interest form the world weight map, scale it (i find that 1000 x 1000 is a good compromise with map size at least for my hardware) and then edit the texture and resources from the editor without having to work from scratch.
let me know what you think I hope that helped, here's a link to download all the stuff.

the coast is still too high, I'm working to make it better.

I've used the old version of blender .


is there a way to automatically add texture based on the height?

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49 minutes ago, Stan` said:

No I believe you can only import the height. However I guess one of RMGEN's painters might be able to deduce textures depending on height. Maybe @FeXoR or @nani would know.

You can use any constraint in maps\random\rmgen\Constraint.js

Use it to "filter" the points in an area (e.g. whole map) based on what you want e.g. use HeightConstraint and StayTextureConstraint

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