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Agesilaus > Agis

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Agis III is a problematic hero to Sparta.  First, his design is sadly lacking.  Having more hitpoints is in no way interesting as it offers no new interesting strategies to the Spartan player other than using him as a beefy hoplite.  This issue is further exacerbated by the fact that the one thing he is famous for, bravely dying in battle to a superior force, is nothing unique or remarkable in comparison to most any other Spartan king.  Leonidas already serves that function.  Finally, 0 AD’s vision is to depict nation-states at the height of their power, not when they were simply a regional bully.  Thus, I think that a different hero should be used.

Enter Agesilaus, whose force of will affected much of Sparta’s foreign policy following the Peloponnesian War.  He represents a moment in which the city was at the peak of its power before its collapse in the face of Thebes.  

Thoughts on Potential Abilities:

Horsemen cost reduction

(Agesilaus was a firm believer in the use of cavalry, forming one of the first and only effective Spartan cavalry forces.)  

Attack Aura to melee infantry units

(Agesilaus was known be a charismatic person, and despite his having a lame leg, he was able to complete his training like other Spartans.  Giving an attack bonus seems like a fair option as a result.)

Horse Option: Agesilaus can use a form of packing and unpacking to mount on a horse.  This would remove his attack aura if that was implemented at the bonus of extra movement speed.

(Agesilaus was an adept horseman, relying on that for most of his daily travel.)


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I'd say that would be the case.  If we want to go super accurate, getting him to have a limp would give extra browny points.  He was apparently short and not handsome, and privately wore a plain cloak.  (See Plutarch's Life on him)  I'd make his equipment plain to represent his embodiment of Spartan values if we are to take Xenophon and Plutarch at face value.

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More just scars all over his body based on speculation.  He died around the age of 84, having fought basically to the end of his life.  I'd expect a few wounds to have shown up in that time.  I can check sometime about more distinct features but can't promise anything detailed.

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