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Game: 4v4, 43 minutes game time

Map: Mainland (Normal, Random biome)

T1 Players: _zoro_ (1666), snelius (1600), phoenixdesk (1601), Issh

T2 Players: borg- (2306), Havran (1550), Uran238cz (1504), pauleife (1172)

Summary: 5 Gummiberry bushes + 2 reachable in p2 allowed for generous donations to allies.

This wasn;t easy game for team 1 as @borg- is an op player and was on both fronts while defending mid.
There was a critical moment some players from t1 doubted in a possibility of victory and prepared for "gg".
We won;t say who was that but here I can quote @PhyZik's words "some nubs (we won't call names, right _zoro_?) started panicing"
(source of quote a23 replays: Alpine Mainland 4v4 - _kali, Lodbrog, nigel87, M.T vs. zoro_, snelius, elexis3, PhyZic)


Game stats




Gummieberries Land @ min 0 ...


... and @ min 41





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