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RANDOM MAP: Fert - King of the hill variant


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15 minutes ago, andy5995 said:

Me and @Jammyjamjamman fixed an error in fert_triggers.js yesterday and played Fert for the first time. It's a pretty cool map. :) Thanks for sharing it, @nani


Question though: It seems that the only way to capture the wonder is to build a CC near to it (units can't capture it). Is that intended?


Also, if a CC that is near it (and has therefore captured it) has been destroyed, ownership of the wonder doesn't revert back to Gaia... In effect, it seems like whoever captures the wonder first will win the game no matter what. Is there some code we could add that will make the wonder loses ownership in that case?


We had wonder option enabled and set to five minutes.


(This map is currently included with the community maps 2 mod)

You should be able to capture the wonder if you have more than 10 units.

The only thing you can't do is destroying the wonder or garrison units inside.

The code for tiggers might have chnged in alpga 25 so some things might be broken.

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K, I see that when I change the 'true' arg to false, then units can capture the wonder.


Engine.QueryInterface(this.gaiaWonder, IID_Resistance).SetInvulnerability(true);


Unfortunately it also means the wonder can get destroyed.


So we need a way to make it invulnerable to destruction, but not to capturing.

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I tried out the Danubius map with the Capture the relic option. There's no status for the HP, but there is for the CP.


Ergo, it can be captured but not destroyed.


I'm not sure yet how to implement that for the wonder in this case.

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