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1 hour ago, wowgetoffyourcellphone said:

It still needs redesigned, I was just wrong about the scale being too big. If anything, some of the other barracks are now too small compared to the archery ranges and stables.


The Roman roof colors are fine.  

Yeah they are just broken on my screen for a weird reason but it's because of my screen not the texture.

Barracks should fit in a 5x5 foundation in theory. At least it was intended so.


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woo lad you're grabbin for that mile lol. Chimneys should be doable where necessary and accurate. I dont think we'll have time of day map tags for a while yet even if the multiple lighting thing gets

When I'm done with my commission series I'll see if I can't get try a prototype. @RukoFiber Those statues are two dimensional, a concession to keep the poly count from skyrocketing. We don't have

can do, some poop decals could be nice @wowgetoffyourcellphone I get your point here, but by my analysis the more we can do to make these towns and villages look 'lived in' would help immersion,

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