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Brainstorming 2018 and feedback


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Ok. my new ideas after playing 1v1 in Bactrian skirmish.


  • Add champion  Mercenary camp, an special building that adds Champions mercenary  units only.
  • Add less building restriction for Colonies and CC.
  • Add Galatians mercenaries as optional from their actual Thracian Black coat. 
  • Add Bactrian Cataphract as mercenary and some hostil few units in the map.
  • A technology that increase outpost in late.
  • Women are rare trainable in early, I don't see why is feeling unbalanced. or why need high recruitment prerequisite  in all faction.
  • Personal request, I want if want take my audio sounds to test it before be committed to main game(vanilla)
  • Military colony upgrade a CC.
  • Have 1v1 Scythian map. too much lag, normal size.
  • Add neutral market to maps are part of Silk road.
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