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feedback/ideas for next update


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The animals' purpose is to provide food so they should generally be easy to kill in order to allow fast and easy access to the resource. If you're talking about the animals that don't drop food and are hostile, such as tigers, I don't see why they should be harder to kill. I do agree on us being able to tame them, however. It could be an interesting implementation and add a new level of gameplay.

How do you suggest the animals could be tamed?

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There was a unit conversion mod somewhere. It could very well be implemented.

They shouldn't be tameable by every unit though. Perhaps just standard weak villagers/solders to give it more of a challenge. The animals that are hostile are quite weak so they shouldn't impact the balance. The amount of 'conversion' necessary could be used as a deterrent.

Some animals just wouldn't make sense to tame though. It would be nice if it was possible or supported; as for adding it into the actual final game, not so much. Taming a lion(for a time) is technically possible they are just not something that would be used on the battlefield. Wolves, sure. That's about all I can think of that would make sense.

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