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  1. Hyrule Conquest

    For sound look at: template_unit_mechanical_siege_onager.xml soundgroup -> attack_impact For upgrade, no: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D281 I don't think it's going to be added just yet. I think it needs some refactoring or a rewrite. It's been a year. I don't think there is a similar diff in the works. I couldn't find one at least.
  2. Hyrule Conquest

    The invisible Cucco is a reminder that they are far superior. Even if you do succeed in killing one, it will comeback and haunt you for all eternity. I am sorry to tell you this but once you've looked upon the ghost of a Cucco; you are essentially cursed for eternity. I urge you to never lookup on approach another chicken again. They may congregate and feast upon your flesh. In other words, assume their natural state. I shall pray for you. F F F F F F Sorry couldn't help myself...
  3. Hyrule Conquest

    Player_{civ}.xml has the wrong tech name then. Perhaps setting some 'base' templates would help. Most of the information in your templates are copy and paste. Look at template_{civ}_civic for example, they are the exact same for every single civ (except for the zora - see spoiler for a fix). The base template would reduce bugs, speeds up additions, and lessen the upkeep. If you wanted to, give civic buildings more heath, you'd only need to adjust 1 file. You might want to do this with units but that seems like a lot of effort. Basically, if a tag or group of tags (or entire file) is the same for all the civs you have, make a basic template. Implementing this shouldn't take too long. The mass majority of it is hitting the delete key and renaming some things (renaming is also technically just hitting delete, and typing basic/). The {civ}_temps folder would just be used for additions to that civ. Idk, up to you. This might make the upgrade process easier as well.
  4. Hyrule Conquest

    The error spam part is fixed in the zip file I uploaded or the patch at moddb (see page 30 for links). I noticed the shared los problem, It's a wrong tech name in their market. Needs to be: culture_civilized/postman_network instead of unlock_shared_los Lon Lon's buildings do need a higher 'pop cap'. They can't train because they have ~38 units and only 20 max pop. Their cc could give a boost to it in their template. The AI normally ignores animals that are aggressive (unless a soldier is close). They don't seem to actively clear them out of the way. So it's pretty much every civ on the peahat problem. It might be a lack of CitizenSoldier in some of the classes. Idk. I've noticed that they don't bother training anything but 'FemaleCitizens'. It kinda makes sense for them to do that, they are the best gatherers in this mod.
  5. Hyrule Conquest

    Are they going to be small? Weren't the kokiri in a permanent childlike state or did that change somewhere? I think they turned into the weird nuts in BOTW and WW. I'm curious how a small unit will work. I think units use the obstruction radius to tell if they've hit something. They probably won't be too small so it doesn't matter. Still: Kokiri - The little green ninjas. I think they'll be neat.
  6. Hyrule Conquest

    Nothing else seems to need fixing in this release except for the AI researching their civ tech, but that can wait and should probably wait. If you upgrade to the SVN, you'll have to keep an eye on the timeline page and be sure to keep sessions.js and config.js up to date. As well as anything necessary/wanted like music.js and other important files. Petra isn't needed as all the bugs were fixed, you will have to add the buildings back to the svn's updated config file though. All of these should be done last IMHO. You're pretty much ready to move to A23 and fight the stream of minuet changes. There isn't really a set release for A23 declared though. It does seem like a lot is getting done pretty darn quick though. Honestly the easiest way to start is the templates. Then work your way back into an updated mod (see the spoiler below). As for the patch. A translation error showed up when you do, it might be .js problem or me not transfering the svn js files to the hyrule folder before the patch. Well, I used tortoiseSVN to open the patch, I clicked file, apply, found my copied folder of hyrule, clicked okay, then yes on the next one. I've got a windows xp though and an outdated version of tortoise. *cough* I will tell you one thing. The SVN likes the tag Undeletable and Indentity. Death mountain technically loaded... I mean the loading screen did finish.
  7. Hyrule Conquest

    Wouldn't a public repository ruin the idea of a patreon...? The latest release could be uploaded, but only when released to the public. Basically, no active updates just suggestions? Here's the files from the install. I added the corral fix for the gerudo and tested it. HyruleZip.zip
  8. Hyrule Conquest

    Thank you. I can actually play against the gerudo now. I personally don't want to wait 2 months for this mod to be decently playable. The template patch fixed all the problems but the corral. That corral fix is the only thing that it needed in its A22 state. However, even in A23, those starter techs are going to need to be researched somehow and that's the only thing left. Besides, the next update of this mod might happen before A23's release. Best to make it playable for those who want to play it. I was going to query cmpPlayer and call it's disabled function but that'd just be another file he'd have to add (and later remove). I figured I'd just use what was provided - that was my thought process anyways. It had me puzzle for the longest time why that corral code even existed if it was impossible to build it. You had to edit the simulation to even get it to-be built or used. I'm glad you got rid of that annoyance. I think the needCorral option you suggested is best, they actually build it in starting strategies this way. So at the end of the init function in hq just put this... if(gameState.getPlayerCiv() === "gerudo") this.needCorral = true; I'm not sure what all the changes necessary for an svn upgrade would be. I know walk animations have been renamed, and some template name changes. I might try to work on an svn upgrade of this mod in my free time. That way I can help out when A23 does get here.
  9. Hyrule Conquest

    That seems to have done it. Only thing to fix now is the corral (and to get the AI to select their tech). It could be done in the Config file, I'm just not entirely sure how. @mimo I might have found a bug. I don't know. First off: The field for the gerudo doesn't exist (I changed it to _corral, updated their build list, replaced it's Field class with Corral) and the construction plan for the corral will only run if the field is disabled. I've tried putting the below in the SetConfig function but that didn't seem to do anything. However, when I tried it with storehouse, it did prevent them from building storehouses (bug?). Is there some sort of field re-enabler somewhere? Or just a better way of doing this? It did prevent them from building storehouses. It just keeps enabling fields. gameState.playerData.disabledTemplates["structures/gerudo_field"] = true; To see if it was working, I put the below at the start of checkResourceLevels of basemanager. It kept returning false. API3.warn("Field Disabled? "+ gameState.isTemplateDisabled("structures/gerudo_field") ); Using gameState.sharedScript.playersData[gameState.player].disabledTemplates["structures/gerudo_field"] = true; Just result in the same thing (even the storehouse test). Do you have any idea why it works for one thing and not the other? I've tried _house as well but they still build them. It seems to be impossible to disable fields. Something keeps resetting it. @The Undying Nephalim A quick fix until a permanent one is added paste in the basemanagers -> checkResourceLevels -> before the canbuild if statement of field. if (gameState.getPlayerCiv() === "gerudo") gameState.playerData.disabledTemplates["structures/gerudo_field"] = true; After the other fixes and the removal of the corral's resource supply. They'll build the corral after they finish off the berries... and if they don't have anything more important to do. It will take a while. Raising the priority of it to say 300 or 400 in the config file will make them build it faster. Normally it'd adjust the priority for you and build it ASAP but it seems something is re-enabling it.
  10. feedback/ideas for next update

    There was a unit conversion mod somewhere. It could very well be implemented. They shouldn't be tameable by every unit though. Perhaps just standard weak villagers/solders to give it more of a challenge. The animals that are hostile are quite weak so they shouldn't impact the balance. The amount of 'conversion' necessary could be used as a deterrent. Some animals just wouldn't make sense to tame though. It would be nice if it was possible or supported; as for adding it into the actual final game, not so much. Taming a lion(for a time) is technically possible they are just not something that would be used on the battlefield. Wolves, sure. That's about all I can think of that would make sense.
  11. Hyrule Conquest

    @The Undying Nephalim I managed to replicate it with the hylians (I had to patch them again). I think I found it. The parent template: template_{civ}_economic.xml It has the Storehouse class. Just remove that and add it to the civ's actual storehouse. I tested this with Hylians. But my files are different. I kept getting that error when they built an additional farm or a market (who's parent of those files and probably others is that template). Let me know if that fixed it.
  12. Hyrule Conquest

    type is just used to locate a decent place for it. It's got nothing to do with the gathering, just the positioning of it. By default it's placed by trees. Have you fixed the spam building? The classes and such? <Civ>zora</Civ> <Classes datatype="tokens">Archive DropsiteWood DropsiteMetal DropsiteStone -ConquestCritical</Classes> <VisibleClasses datatype="tokens">-Economic -Storehouse Civilian Dropoff-Site</VisibleClasses> You've removed Storehouse from the template. That code never runs. This was only done to the Zora's storehouse. It's metadata is never created in baseManager or hq because it doesn't have that class.
  13. Hyrule Conquest

    Didn't people want that in the actual game? A lot of the sounds here are amazing. Where did you get the models from btw or did you make them yourself?
  14. Simple to code games

    @stanislas69 Amazing pixel art tutorials. There are some tile-based and top-down sprite tutorials in there that I needed for a separate project. I never thought of looking at the sprite as separate parts. I normally just draw everything and don't account for angles. Someone else made me some sprites but I have to do all the tiles myself (and some other animations). The color palette he used (and the angle of the lighting) is pretty much chaos. I've got to redo them all in a bit better fashion. I'd rather make my own though. I'm going to have too anyway. He never added any combat animations and they are way out of my league to recreate/fix. Basically, this works perfectly for a lot of things. @Loki1950 I tried ren'py but I don't quiet understand it at all. I looked through the tutorial a bit but not quite what I want (or just way too complicated). Though a choose your path type of gameplay is kind of what I want in that separate project I'm working on. Story boarding would make it easier too. The character editor makehuman, is it the 3d one I'm finding on google? If it doesn't work on windows xp, I can't use it. BTW, Pong is "complete"... I'm not going to upload it because you can't actually lose the game. The AI doesn't really do anything. Well, it follows the y axis of the ball... slowly. It also doesn't have a win screen... and the ball isn't a ball... it's a square... that acts like a ball. That's just how rectangle's work. The universe change three seconds ago, they bounce perfectly now. Fine, I didn't bother making a graphic for it. I just drew a rect on the screen, moved it, made it bounce, and completely forgot about scores... I'll fix it but it's boring.
  15. I've been wanting to actually get around and create a game. I've already got some small games/minigames that I'm working on but, fire anyways. What are some easy games to code (that don't require a lot of assets)? If you can order it in difficulty that'd be appreciated. Also: If you know of any 2D pixel art tutorial sites that are set up for 'artistically retarded and color ignorant' people... That'd be very much appreciated. I would post this in the forum of the program I'm using but the only people who actually seem to check that is, me... and the programs creator. It's new, young, unknown, and partially incomplete. Thank you. Sorry for the unfunnymehmeh...