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I have a question about the UnitAi components: After reading for a while the file i found that every resource have a subdivisión "gather_" "carry_" and the walking orders are divided by "individual.walking" and "individual.approaching" for combat, so in this case it would be posible to define different types of walk_; run_; idle_ animations ? i want to know so if its posible i could try bring injured walking animations and could use the ready variant when using the "combat.approaching" state




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i see, thanks in advanced mostly is for try injury look like now that we see in alpha 22 kart damaged variants i got the idea of try injury look like for units as seen in Black and White 2 but also for try making the units more realist, because the whole animation pack enrique's made its pretty good but the relax animation at least in a battle scene doesn't fit to me so my plan is change the combat.approaching animation for walk_ready type if enemy is withing X range use idle_ready otherwise keep using the relax variant for natural behavior.

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