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Localization of the game 0 AD

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Hello to all of you!

Nice to "e-meet" you!


We are Ambar and Maria, two Translation students of the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

We did already finish our Translation and Interpreting degree one year ago and are currently doing our masters in Translation technologies, localization and CAT tools.

Our main languages are: Catalan, Spanish, English, French, Italian and also Portuguese and Danish.


Both of us are really interested in open-source software and specially in open-source games. We are very familiar with Wildfire games and love to play 0 A.D. in our free time.

Therefore, we looked for ways to contribute and translate it into our native language: Catalan. We signed up to Transifex and have already joined the translation team of the collaborative localization project for 0 A.D. We are really motivated and interested in it, and are doing our very best to complete the Catalan translation of the game so it can be available for Catalan-speaker users of this game.


Besides, our masters' professors are really interested in us exposing the result of our Catalan localization to the rest of the class, so we can promote and encourage more translators and colleagues to localize, in a non-profit and high-quality way, open-source games like this one.


To sum up: some of 0 A.D's files to translate into Catalan have already been started in Transifex, but are untouched since 2 months ago, at least.

We are currently translating every file into Catalan and would only want you to wait for us until 18th December, at the very latest, as deadline to upload our translated files into the server (Transifex). In the meantime, would it be possible for you to not translate anything into Catalan (because we are currently doing it, and it would then be duplicated)?


We can ensure that if our translated files are not completed and available by 18th December, anyone could then feel free to continue with the Catalan translation of the game.

Many thanks to everyone!

Best regards,

Ambar and Maria

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Actual translation discussions (per language that is) mostly happen on transifex itself. And that is where you should coordinate with other translators (if there are any that are active).

The source files are updated about twice a week, so if there are changes to them those will show up on transifex. If you decide to work offline for that whole time instead of regularly uploading then you will be confronted with having done pointless work that might not apply anymore. Upload your changes regularly if you prefer a proper local tool over transifex' ever changing interface, at one point I think they had a feature to "lock" a translation so others are notified that you are working on that currently, but that was more of a note to other that they shouldn't change that one resource only.

So we cannot stop updating the source files, and you should not assume that they aren't going to be changed by other translators. The closer you stay to what is the current state in transifex, the easier working on the translation will be. Sharing the work is part of what this whole open source/free software thing is about, and doing so early as opposed to having one huge drop in the end helps when you might have to interact with others.

That said this sounds like a very nice project, so welcome and have fun!

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You can use "Download for translation", then the file will be locked for a while - I think 48 hours or so. Once you upload your file again, it will unlock the template as well.

So, do your day's work on a chosen template, then upload it again. Meanwhile, the rest of the translation team can continue working on the other templates.

Make sure to coordinate with the team on terminology! The glossary function can help you there. Is there a reference dictionary available in your language that includes computing terms?

Since you seem to be techy, you might profit from some offline glossary tools that I created for another FLOSS game - the checks can handle inflected languages with a bit of extra glossary work:

Glossary Checks that are less stupid than the usual cringeworthy QA tools

Use poterminology to fill target language in glossary

For the second tool, you won't be able to upload the result to Transifex unless you have superpowers over there.

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