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How should I make the mod?  

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  1. 1. How should I make the mod?

    • Rework the unit roster entirely
    • Keep the base unit roster and simply add units

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0 A.D Mod

Introduction to Antiquorum

Antiquorum is a large-scale modification for the game focusing mainly on historical authenticity and completely reworking the games unit roster and balance throughout the phases. These additions add a whole new aspect to the game and would allow more variation in game battle compositions as well as overall strategies for certain civilisations. Currently, I'm working on this onerous task alone, but if you are interested in helping out you can contact me. Feedback and constructive criticism are welcome as well!

Gameplay Changes

The mod will focus on slower gameplay, adding a more diverse and strategical look on the game. Random maps will most likely be prominent in the mod seeing as I want scouting to stay important. Starting metal and stone mines will be placed much further away from the civic centre most likely. LOS will generally be much smaller than the base game.

Unit Roster & Unit Creation Changes Overview

  • Civic centres now only train women/villagers and the very basic unit of most factions. The Spearman. Certain civilisations might have exceptions.
  • The barracks unlock several early units you would expect from a barracks and cc in the main game (not all!).
  • The barracks cost has been increased. This gives players a more significant choice of economy or military. It also makes raiding with cavalry a much more viable strategy in the game.
  • Light cavalry is much cheaper now.
  • New Slaves fully implemented to all factions, created in the market (Have a finite life span).
  • Numerous new units added to the game.

Unit Class/Structure

After reviewing the situation with my mod, I have decided to follow a Unit structure much like @wowgetoffyourcellphone's proposal in this thread (Did not quote here to save space): 


  • 1. Slave - Their sole use is for the economy, if possible, male and female versions. Possible short lifetime? (Can't build?)
  • 2. Citizen/Villager - Much like the basic villager in the main game, a possible aura that gives nearby slaves a gathering bonus?
  • 3. Citizen Soldiers - Normal barracks military units generally used for attacking, can also build military structures. Have the same aura as citizens. They do not gather materials.
  • 4. Champions/Trained Soldiers - Trained from city phase buildings (<<<< There might be exceptions). Professional/Trained soldiers with a sole purpose of fighting/capturing.
  • 5. Heroes - Very minor changes (balancing etc.). For the most part will stay the same as the main game.
  • +. Extras - Mercenaries may vary, sometimes fitting in the citizen soldiers category (Maybe their own since they will not be proper citizens), Champions/Trained soldiers, and possibly even slaves?


Quick Note: If you have any ideas for a new unit to be added to the game, please visit this google form and fill it out! This would be Hugely Appreciated, Thankyou.


So hope you all enjoyed this little teaser! Look forward to heavy updates!



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10 hours ago, fatherbushido said:

Good luck for your project! Always nice to have mods.


Topic Updated! Visit this page if you have an idea for a unit!
Also, if everyone could. Please vote on the poll, it's currently in favour for reworking the unit roster entirely but only out of 1 vote... I would like to know how I'm going to make it before I start doing anything major.

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15 minutes ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

The process starting 2 years ago, and all animation set for non cavalry units was finish this year.

They are  ready for A22 but you as modder must try SVN  version, always.

I see...like I said I'm new to 0 A.D Modding so I was unaware of this, but thanks for the tip!

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