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Issues with custom hotkeys


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So... the hotkeys for making the control groups (ctrl+0, ctrl+1, etc...) don't work by default on Azerty keyboard layouts.

So, I dug into the documentation and made myself this config file:


hotkey.selection.group.add.0 = "Shift+World64"
hotkey.selection.group.add.1 = "Shift+Ampersand"
hotkey.selection.group.add.2 = "Shift+World73"
hotkey.selection.group.add.3 = "Shift+DoubleQuote"
hotkey.selection.group.add.4 = "Shift+SingleQuote"
hotkey.selection.group.add.5 = "Shift+LeftParen"
hotkey.selection.group.add.6 = "Shift+World7"
hotkey.selection.group.add.7 = "Shift+World72"
hotkey.selection.group.add.8 = "Shift+Exclaim"
hotkey.selection.group.add.9 = "Shift+ World71"

hotkey.selection.group.save.0 = "Ctrl+World64"
hotkey.selection.group.save.1 = "Ctrl+Ampersand"
hotkey.selection.group.save.2 = "Ctrl+World73"
hotkey.selection.group.save.3 = "Ctrl+DoubleQuote"
hotkey.selection.group.save.4 = "Ctrl+SingleQuote"
hotkey.selection.group.save.5 = "Ctrl+LeftParen"
hotkey.selection.group.save.6 = "Ctrl+World7"
hotkey.selection.group.save.7 = "Ctrl+World72"
hotkey.selection.group.save.8 = "Ctrl+Exclaim"
hotkey.selection.group.save.9 = "Ctrl+World71"

hotkey.selection.group.select.0 = World64
hotkey.selection.group.select.1 = Ampersand
hotkey.selection.group.select.2 = World73
hotkey.selection.group.select.3 = DoubleQuote
hotkey.selection.group.select.4 = SingleQuote
hotkey.selection.group.select.5 = LeftParen
hotkey.selection.group.select.6 = World7
hotkey.selection.group.select.7 = World72
hotkey.selection.group.select.8 = Exclaim
hotkey.selection.group.select.9 = World71



However, now when I launch the game, I get some error message saying that all the hotkeys with WorldX are invalid? :huh:

Does anybody know how I could fix this issue? Thank you very much! :D

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We have a patch for fixing the issue: https://code.wildfiregames.com/D303

When it's included (in SVN soon and in the next Alpha) you can define things such as


A small note: you don't define option groups correctly. Your file should contain stuff like

0 = "Shift+à"

0 = "Ctrl+à"


hotkey.selection.group.add.0 = "Shift+à"

hotkey.selection.group.save.0 = "Ctrl+à"

but what you wrote above is equivalent to

hotkey.selection.group.add.hotkey.selection.group.add.0 = "Shift+à"

and won't work.

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