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  1. Lol, so I can't configure the control groups for my azerty keyboard? Well, that sucks...
  2. I said in the OP that I did that and it doesn't work anymore... it's outdated...
  3. So... the hotkeys for making the control groups (ctrl+0, ctrl+1, etc...) don't work by default on Azerty keyboard layouts. So, I dug into the documentation and made myself this config file: However, now when I launch the game, I get some error message saying that all the hotkeys with WorldX are invalid? Does anybody know how I could fix this issue? Thank you very much!
  4. In my opinion walls are a bit too expensive, especially on carthaginians. It costs around 2000 stone to build a decent wall for an average civ, and around 4000 stone for carthaginians (I get it, they are three times as strong). But turtling isn't really a late game strategy, but an early game strategy. By the time you have put up those walls, the enemy has already rushed/boomed you long time ago. Because of the cost, people will rarely ever build walls because those resources can be put to much better use and battering rams quickly destroy your walls anyways. I think walls need to be cheaper like in AoE.
  5. Ah ok, thanks. Any reason they're not implemented yet? I've read somewhere that they are for a second 0 A.D. game? (Empires Descendant? haha)
  6. These are special technologies unique to the Romans. But I can't find where I can enable these unique technologies??? Not an upgrade in the blacksmith, not an upgrade in the fortress, not an upgrade in the barracks. But then where/how can I make use of these unique techs?
  7. Forget what I said, the cav does gather from the next sheep once it's done with it's current one. Also the cav does gather from sheep faster than women. But yeah the problem is that once the sheep are all finished before the next batch is out, all cavs become idle and will not proceed gathering the next batch of sheep. So increasing the sheep batch creation time would be a solution to this problem. EDIT: if you make shift-click sheep batches, then the batch does finish on time. Still I feel like the return the corrals give is simply not worth it.
  8. Even if you have 5 sheep, the cav will not start gathering from a new sheep once it's done with it's current one unless you shift click on the other sheep with the cav. In my experiment I used 5 women who constantly gather from sheep directly next to a farmstead and it only produced 25% more (sheep cost included) than if those same women were farming.
  9. As far as I know cavalry does not have a sheep gathering bonus. And I did all my testing with my sheep literally right next to a farmstead, so unit speed wouldn't have mattered a single bit in my experiment.
  10. I have examined the use of Corrals and I have noticed that it's only 25% more efficient than farming at best (resource cost included). Take into account the extra management it takes, initial resource investment, the time it takes to create the sheep, having to build a corral, ... for 25% extra yield, it's just not worth it. Nobody will ever make use of Corrals in the current state because of the hassle it takes opposed to automatic farming for only 25% more efficiency. My suggestion is to make sheep yield 4x more food than they do as of now (so that they are double as efficient as farming) and to halve the cost.
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