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What to play after playing introductory tutorial

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Hi all,

Newbie here. I just played 0.19 64-bit. It took me quite some time to figure out where the tutorials are.

http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/2303 is obviously needed and hopefully it will come in alpha 20. What I don't know is what to play after that. There doesn't seem to be any scenarios which build on the first one.

Also is there an option to see the tutorial messages for a longer time or to see what announcements or messages I missed in the game ?

That actually should be part of the tutorial itself so newbies like me where to look.

Also in the introductory tutorial, there are three resources, food which is either berries or farming, wood and stone. Metal is nowhere to be found nor is any explanation of a fifth resource which has an icon but no name, some sort of reputation or something (don't really know) and there is no way to know how that is added/earned.

Even how territories are expanded are not known.

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After playing the introduction, I suggest you just play against an AI on a 1v1 map. You can choose the difficulty mode of the AI, so you can start easy and set it harder when you can win from the AI.

The AI of course isn't as tactical as real players (after many games, his tactics will bore you), then you can switch to multiplayer.

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umm.... what I actually wanted to stress on is that tutorial seems half-finished or half-baked. Usually games have a series of tutorials to explain the concepts. That is and seems to be missing.

Huhmmm the game still in alpha 0.019... The game haven't the full features for required for have a decent learning to play.

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shirish, as Lion says, the game changes too much from version to version to keep a tutorial updated with the latest changes. It's already hard enough to keep the AI updated with the latest changes.

Next to that, it's hard to make a tutorial when you already know the game. It means making an example, testing it on people who don't know the game, improving the tutorial and testing it again on new people. We don't have access to that many newbie volunteers (most only become a volunteer once they know the game).

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