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  1. Hi all, I dunno if 0ad uses Tessellation or not . I just read this news http://phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Tessellation-For-Pre-Broadwell as well as http://www.phoronix.com/scan.php?page=news_item&px=Intel-Tessellation-Gen7 and from it, it seems that Tessellation support is coming soon. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tessellation_(computer_graphics) to know why it matters. While I do not know if 0ad uses Tessellation or not thought it might benefit from at least knowing what's happening out there, in case there is idea to support this technology.
  2. umm.... what I actually wanted to stress on is that tutorial seems half-finished or half-baked. Usually games have a series of tutorials to explain the concepts. That is and seems to be missing.
  3. Hi all, Newbie here. I just played 0.19 64-bit. It took me quite some time to figure out where the tutorials are. http://trac.wildfiregames.com/ticket/2303 is obviously needed and hopefully it will come in alpha 20. What I don't know is what to play after that. There doesn't seem to be any scenarios which build on the first one. Also is there an option to see the tutorial messages for a longer time or to see what announcements or messages I missed in the game ? That actually should be part of the tutorial itself so newbies like me where to look. Also in the introductory tutorial, there are three resources, food which is either berries or farming, wood and stone. Metal is nowhere to be found nor is any explanation of a fifth resource which has an icon but no name, some sort of reputation or something (don't really know) and there is no way to know how that is added/earned. Even how territories are expanded are not known.
  4. Hi all, Is the game going to be ported to use SDL 2 ?
  5. Hi all, As the fund-raiser is happening, perhaps it would be a good idea to also showcase the game via gog.com/indie . You might be able to generate some cash or if nothing else make it easier for people who may have not heard the game or played it, be able to see and play it. I don't see any downside to it, can the people who are leading 0ad take some initiative and see if something can pan out. Good luck on the fund-raiser.
  6. Hi all, Just started with alpha 11 (I know alpha 12 is the latest one) . Tried to find an easy game, didn't one in which the AI will be weak and you have all the time in the world to win. There is serious lag on alpha 11 on my system. I have no idea if the game does honor the settings in ~/.config/0ad or not. These are my settings there. ; Global Configuration Settings ; ; ************************************************************** ; * DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE if you want personal customisations: * ; * create a text file called "local.cfg" instead, and copy * ; * the lines from this file that you want to change. * ; * * ; * On Linux / OS X, create: * ; * ~/.config/0ad/config/local.cfg * ; * * ; * On Windows, create: * ; * %appdata%/0ad/config/local.cfg * ; * * ; ************************************************************** ; Enable/disable windowed mode by default. (Use Alt+Enter to toggle in the game.) windowed = true ; Pause the game on window focus loss (Only applicable to single player mode) pauseonfocusloss = true ; Force a particular resolution. (If these are 0, the default is ; to keep the current desktop resolution in fullscreen mode or to ; use 1024x768 in windowed mode.) xres = 1024 yres = 768 ; Force a non-standard bit depth (if 0 then use the current desktop bit depth) bpp = 0 ; System settings: fancywater = false shadows = false shadowpcf = false vsync = false nos3tc = false noautomipmap = false novbo = false noframebufferobject = false ; Disable hardware cursors nohwcursor = false ; Linux only: Set the driconf force_s3tc_enable option at startup, ; for compressed texture support force_s3tc_enable = true ; Specify the render path. This can be one of: ; default Automatically select one of the below, depending on system capabilities ; fixed Only use OpenGL fixed function pipeline ; shader Use vertex/fragment shaders for transform and lighting where possible ; Using 'fixed' instead of 'default' may work around some graphics-related problems, ; but will reduce performance and features when a modern graphics card is available. renderpath = default ; Prefer GLSL shaders over ARB shaders (not recommended) preferglsl = false ; Adjusts how OpenGL calculates mipmap level of detail. 0.0f is the default (blurry) value. ; Lower values sharpen/extend, and higher values blur/decrease. Clamped at -3.0 to 3.0. ; -1.0 to -1.5 recommended for good results. lodbias = 0 ; Opt-in online user reporting system userreport.url = "http://feedback.wildfiregames.com/report/upload/v1/" ; Colour of the sky (in "r g b" format) skycolor = "0 0 0" ; GENERAL PREFERENCES: sound.mastergain = 0.5 ; Camera control settings view.scroll.speed = 120.0 view.rotate.x.speed = 1.2 view.rotate.x.min = 28.0 view.rotate.x.max = 60.0 view.rotate.x.default = 35.0 view.rotate.y.speed = 2.0 view.rotate.y.speed.wheel = 0.45 view.rotate.y.default = 0.0 view.drag.speed = 0.5 view.zoom.speed = 256.0 view.zoom.speed.wheel = 32.0 view.zoom.min = 50.0 view.zoom.max = 200.0 view.zoom.default = 100.0 view.pos.smoothness = 0.1 view.zoom.smoothness = 0.4 view.rotate.x.smoothness = 0.5 view.rotate.y.smoothness = 0.3 view.near = 2.0 ; Near plane distance view.far = 4096.0 ; Far plane distance view.fov = 45.0 ; Field of view (degrees), lower is narrow, higher is wide ; HOTKEY MAPPINGS: ; Each one of the specified keys will trigger the action on the left ; for multiple-key combinations, separate keys with '+' and enclose the entire thing ; in doublequotes. ; See keys.txt for the list of key names. ; > SYSTEM SETTINGS hotkey.exit = "Alt+F4", "Ctrl+Break" ; Exit to desktop hotkey.leave = Escape ; End current game or Exit hotkey.pause = Pause ; Pause/unpause game hotkey.screenshot = F2 ; Take PNG screenshot hotkey.bigscreenshot = "Shift+F2" ; Take large BMP screenshot hotkey.togglefullscreen = "Alt+Return" ; Toggle fullscreen/windowed mode hotkey.screenshot.watermark = "K" ; Toggle product/company watermark for official screenshots hotkey.wireframe = "Alt+W" ; Toggle wireframe mode ; > CAMERA SETTINGS hotkey.camera.reset = "H" ; Reset camera rotation to default. hotkey.camera.follow = "F" ; Follow the first unit in the selection hotkey.camera.zoom.in = Plus, Equals, NumPlus ; Zoom camera in (continuous control) hotkey.camera.zoom.out = Minus, NumMinus ; Zoom camera out (continuous control) hotkey.camera.zoom.wheel.in = WheelUp ; Zoom camera in (stepped control) hotkey.camera.zoom.wheel.out = WheelDown ; Zoom camera out (stepped control) hotkey.camera.rotate.up = "Ctrl+UpArrow", "Ctrl+W" ; Rotate camera to look upwards hotkey.camera.rotate.down = "Ctrl+DownArrow", "Ctrl+S" ; Rotate camera to look downwards hotkey.camera.rotate.cw = "Ctrl+LeftArrow", "Ctrl+A", Q ; Rotate camera clockwise around terrain hotkey.camera.rotate.ccw = "Ctrl+RightArrow", "Ctrl+D", E ; Rotate camera anticlockwise around terrain hotkey.camera.rotate.wheel.cw = "Shift+WheelUp", MouseX1 ; Rotate camera clockwise around terrain (stepped control) hotkey.camera.rotate.wheel.ccw = "Shift+WheelDown", MouseX2 ; Rotate camera anticlockwise around terrain (stepped control) hotkey.camera.pan = MouseMiddle, ForwardSlash ; Enable scrolling by moving mouse hotkey.camera.left = A, LeftArrow ; Scroll or rotate left hotkey.camera.right = D, RightArrow ; Scroll or rotate right hotkey.camera.up = W, UpArrow ; Scroll or rotate up/forwards hotkey.camera.down = S, DownArrow ; Scroll or rotate down/backwards ; > CONSOLE SETTINGS hotkey.console.toggle = BackQuote, F9 ; Open/close console ; > CLIPBOARD CONTROLS hotkey.copy = "Ctrl+C" ; Copy to clipboard hotkey.paste = "Ctrl+V" ; Paste from clipboard hotkey.cut = "Ctrl+X" ; Cut selected text and copy to the clipboard ; > ENTITY SELECTION hotkey.selection.add = Shift ; Add units to selection hotkey.selection.milonly = Alt ; Add only military units to selection hotkey.selection.remove = Ctrl ; Remove units from selection hotkey.selection.idleworker = Period ; Select next idle worker hotkey.selection.idlewarrior = Comma ; Select next idle warrior hotkey.selection.offscreen = Alt ; Include offscreen units in selection hotkey.selection.group.select.0 = 0 hotkey.selection.group.save.0 = "Ctrl+0" hotkey.selection.group.add.0 = "Shift+0" hotkey.selection.group.select.1 = 1 hotkey.selection.group.save.1 = "Ctrl+1" hotkey.selection.group.add.1 = "Shift+1" hotkey.selection.group.select.2 = 2 hotkey.selection.group.save.2 = "Ctrl+2" hotkey.selection.group.add.2 = "Shift+2" hotkey.selection.group.select.3 = 3 hotkey.selection.group.save.3 = "Ctrl+3" hotkey.selection.group.add.3 = "Shift+3" hotkey.selection.group.select.4 = 4 hotkey.selection.group.save.4 = "Ctrl+4" hotkey.selection.group.add.4 = "Shift+4" hotkey.selection.group.select.5 = 5 hotkey.selection.group.save.5 = "Ctrl+5" hotkey.selection.group.add.5 = "Shift+5" hotkey.selection.group.select.6 = 6 hotkey.selection.group.save.6 = "Ctrl+6" hotkey.selection.group.add.6 = "Shift+6" hotkey.selection.group.select.7 = 7 hotkey.selection.group.save.7 = "Ctrl+7" hotkey.selection.group.add.7 = "Shift+7" hotkey.selection.group.select.8 = 8 hotkey.selection.group.save.8 = "Ctrl+8" hotkey.selection.group.add.8 = "Shift+8" hotkey.selection.group.select.9 = 9 hotkey.selection.group.save.9 = "Ctrl+9" hotkey.selection.group.add.9 = "Shift+9" ; > SESSION CONTROLS hotkey.session.kill = Delete ; Destroy selected units hotkey.session.garrison = Ctrl ; Modifier to garrison when clicking on building hotkey.session.queue = Shift ; Modifier to queue unit orders instead of replacing hotkey.session.batchtrain = Shift ; Modifier to train units in batches hotkey.session.massbarter = Shift ; Modifier to barter bunch of resources hotkey.session.deselectgroup = Ctrl ; Modifier to deselect units when clicking group icon, instead of selecting hotkey.session.rotate.cw = RightBracket ; Rotate building placement preview clockwise hotkey.session.rotate.ccw = LeftBracket ; Rotate building placement preview anticlockwise hotkey.timewarp.fastforward = Space ; If timewarp mode enabled, speed up the game hotkey.timewarp.rewind = Backspace ; If timewarp mode enabled, go back to earlier point in the game ; > OVERLAY KEYS hotkey.fps.toggle = "Alt+F" ; Toggle frame counter hotkey.session.devcommands.toggle = "Alt+D" ; Toggle developer commands panel hotkey.session.gui.toggle = "Alt+G" ; Toggle visibility of session GUI hotkey.menu.toggle = "F10" ; Toggle in-game menu hotkey.timeelapsedcounter.toggle = "F12" ; Toggle time elapsed counter ; > HOTKEYS ONLY hotkey.chat = Return ; Toggle chat window ; > GUI TEXTBOX HOTKEYS hotkey.text.delete.left = "Ctrl+Backspace" ; Delete word to the left of cursor hotkey.text.delete.right = "Ctrl+Del" ; Delete word to the right of cursor hotkey.text.move.left = "Ctrl+LeftArrow" ; Move cursor to start of word to the left of cursor hotkey.text.move.right = "Ctrl+RightArrow" ; Move cursor to start of word to the right of cursor ; > PROFILER hotkey.profile.toggle = "F11" ; Enable/disable real-time profiler hotkey.profile.save = "Shift+F11" ; Save current profiler data to logs/profile.txt hotkey.profile2.enable = "F11" ; Enable HTTP/GPU modes for new profiler profiler2.http.autoenable = false ; Enable HTTP server output at startup (default off for security/performance) profiler2.gpu.autoenable = false ; Enable GPU timing at startup (default off for performance/compatibility) profiler2.gpu.arb.enable = true ; Allow GL_ARB_timer_query timing mode when available profiler2.gpu.ext.enable = true ; Allow GL_EXT_timer_query timing mode when available profiler2.gpu.intel.enable = true ; Allow GL_INTEL_performance_queries timing mode when available hotkey.attackmove = Super ; > QUICKSAVE hotkey.quicksave = "Shift+F5" hotkey.quickload = "Shift+F8" ; EXPERIMENTAL: joystick/gamepad settings joystick.enable = false joystick.deadzone = 8192 joystick.camera.pan.x = 0 joystick.camera.pan.y = 1 joystick.camera.rotate.x = 3 joystick.camera.rotate.y = 2 joystick.camera.zoom.in = 5 joystick.camera.zoom.out = 4 And this is what happens when I'm attempting to play the game (output via CLI ) :- $ 0ad Cache: 500 (total: 2003) MiB TIMER| InitVfs: 515.89 us Sound: AlcInit success, using OpenAL Soft TIMER| InitScripting: 6.98533 ms TIMER| CONFIG_Init: 141.595 ms ATTENTION: default value of option force_s3tc_enable overridden by environment. TIMER| RunHardwareDetection: 23.643 ms TIMER| write_sys_info: 17.6835 ms TIMER| InitRenderer: 1.3224 ms TIMER| ps_console: 2.06871 ms TIMER| ps_lang_hotkeys: 871.041 us TIMER| common/setup.xml: 890.45 us TIMER| common/styles.xml: 277.44 us TIMER| common/sprite1.xml: 3.40747 ms TIMER| common/init.xml: 1.81486 ms TIMER| common/common_sprites.xml: 2.73296 ms TIMER| common/common_styles.xml: 395.87 us TIMER| pregame/sprites.xml: 621.055 us TIMER| pregame/styles.xml: 62.5 us TIMER| pregame/mainmenu.xml: 8.15188 ms TIMER| common/global.xml: 476.895 us Using Xcursor to sys_cursor_create 32 x 32 cursor TIMER| common/setup.xml: 1.58204 ms TIMER| common/styles.xml: 72.16 us TIMER| common/sprite1.xml: 4.79001 ms TIMER| common/common_sprites.xml: 3.6359 ms TIMER| common/common_styles.xml: 290.075 us TIMER| msgbox/msgbox.xml: 1.28046 ms TIMER| shutdown TexMan: 14.275 us TIMER| shutdown Renderer: 588.395 us TIMER| shutdown SDL: 77.8287 ms TIMER| shutdown UserReporter: 444.285 us TIMER| shutdown ScriptingHost: 2.42246 ms TIMER| shutdown ConfigDB: 0.445 us TIMER| resource modules: 35.4084 ms TIMER TOTALS (9 clients) ----------------------------------------------------- tc_png_decode: 23.313 Mc (8x) tc_pool_alloc: 3034 kc (122x) tc_dds_transform: 52.919 kc (10x) tc_transform: 137.875 kc (4x) tc_plain_transform: 44.739 kc (4x) tc_ShaderGLSLLink: 0 c (0x) tc_ShaderGLSLCompile: 0 c (0x) tc_ShaderValidation: 1885.98 kc (1x) xml_validation: 1767.95 kc (1x) ----------------------------------------------------- TIMER| shutdown misc: 1.49653 ms 13:02:07 shirish@deb-home: ~$ cd ~/.config/0ad/ 13:02:39 shirish@deb-home: ~/.config/0ad$ leafpad local.cfg 13:02:55 shirish@deb-home: ~/.config/0ad$ cd 13:02:57 shirish@deb-home: ~$ 0ad Cache: 500 (total: 2003) MiB TIMER| InitVfs: 507.705 us Sound: AlcInit success, using OpenAL Soft TIMER| InitScripting: 3.30895 ms TIMER| CONFIG_Init: 139.97 ms ATTENTION: default value of option force_s3tc_enable overridden by environment. TIMER| RunHardwareDetection: 20.7357 ms TIMER| write_sys_info: 17.4437 ms TIMER| InitRenderer: 1.13009 ms TIMER| ps_console: 1.77938 ms TIMER| ps_lang_hotkeys: 892.88 us TIMER| common/setup.xml: 900.675 us TIMER| common/styles.xml: 112.685 us TIMER| common/sprite1.xml: 4.41973 ms TIMER| common/init.xml: 1.74255 ms TIMER| common/common_sprites.xml: 2.68947 ms TIMER| common/common_styles.xml: 510.205 us TIMER| pregame/sprites.xml: 626.055 us TIMER| pregame/styles.xml: 80.52 us TIMER| pregame/mainmenu.xml: 8.46566 ms TIMER| common/global.xml: 463.545 us Using Xcursor to sys_cursor_create 32 x 32 cursor TIMER| common/setup.xml: 1.54036 ms TIMER| common/styles.xml: 71.16 us TIMER| common/sprite1.xml: 4.75967 ms TIMER| common/common_sprites.xml: 5.65575 ms TIMER| common/common_styles.xml: 305.43 us TIMER| manual/styles.xml: 8.35017 ms TIMER| manual/manual.xml: 1.73154 ms TIMER| common/setup.xml: 1.7895 ms TIMER| common/styles.xml: 108.065 us TIMER| common/sprite1.xml: 3.30294 ms TIMER| common/common_sprites.xml: 2.61125 ms TIMER| common/common_styles.xml: 279.595 us TIMER| gamesetup/setup.xml: 182.656 us TIMER| gamesetup/sprites.xml: 63.93 us TIMER| gamesetup/styles.xml: 66.944 us TIMER| gamesetup/gamesetup.xml: 18.4552 ms TIMER| common/setup.xml: 1.38788 ms TIMER| common/styles.xml: 65.04 us TIMER| common/sprite1.xml: 3.50367 ms TIMER| common/init.xml: 2.14271 ms TIMER| common/common_sprites.xml: 3.60634 ms TIMER| common/common_styles.xml: 280.5 us TIMER| loading/styles.xml: 120.795 us TIMER| loading/sprites.xml: 401.805 us TIMER| loading/loading.xml: 2.4779 ms TIMER| common/global.xml: 381.98 us Using Xcursor to sys_cursor_create 32 x 32 cursor TIMER| common/setup.xml: 991.02 us TIMER| common/styles.xml: 45.47 us TIMER| common/sprite1.xml: 2.24364 ms TIMER| common/icon_sprites.xml: 197.41 us TIMER| common/common_sprites.xml: 2.62221 ms TIMER| common/common_styles.xml: 376.866 us TIMER| session/sprites.xml: 24.8083 ms TIMER| session/styles.xml: 474.5 us TIMER| session/session.xml: 89.4051 ms TIMER| common/global.xml: 1.4172 ms GAME STARTED, ALL INIT COMPLETE Using Xcursor to sys_cursor_create 32 x 32 cursor TIMER| shutdown TexMan: 40.81 us TIMER| shutdown Renderer: 13.112 ms TIMER| shutdown SDL: 35.7876 ms TIMER| shutdown UserReporter: 565.455 us TIMER| shutdown ScriptingHost: 27.8689 ms TIMER| shutdown ConfigDB: 1.035 us TIMER| resource modules: 138.363 ms TIMER TOTALS (9 clients) ----------------------------------------------------- tc_png_decode: 73.6262 Mc (58x) tc_pool_alloc: 55.1235 Mc (3117x) tc_dds_transform: 2926.81 kc (909x) tc_transform: 5425.47 kc (306x) tc_plain_transform: 1492.92 kc (306x) tc_ShaderGLSLLink: 0 c (0x) tc_ShaderGLSLCompile: 0 c (0x) tc_ShaderValidation: 26.2812 Mc (47x) xml_validation: 82.5869 Mc (115x) ----------------------------------------------------- TIMER| shutdown misc: 567.07 us As shared in my sig. these are my system details :- Intel Dual-Core CPU E5400 (soc 775) @ 2.70GHz, Asus MB P5KPL-AM IN (Intel G31), D-Link 502-T router, 64-bit Debian Wheezy, GNOME 3.6 fallback. I do hope to get alpha 12 running soon (it's stuck right now in ftp-master new queue) http://ftp-master.de...a_0.0.12-1.html Looking forward for any help or any clue. Edit: Also have seen this http://www.wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=16991 . Guess would just have to wait patiently.
  7. like the idea but that's about it. You can count me in once you have something playable or even movable, then can tell/share if something moves or something is broken (as a sort of manual tester). I am not a developer in any sense of the word but that doesn't stop anyone from dreaming/thinking aloud, does it ? Hopefully though if the project does take shape then there is a new repo. which includes the art assets which are used immediately (even if it means importing them in the new repo.) It does not make sense to hog space on the hdd with art assets which would not be used immediately in the RPG setting and I know that the 0AD (at least looking from the 0ad github repo). So if and when it happens, the best thing is do it as Povoq shared, small steps. While there could be a basic document as some people have suggested, do a roadmap for small doable tasks. The backstory for most RPG's is about a loser (somebody who's not the typical hero per-se) but somebody who is from a lower class and due to his/her exploits, solving side-quests and what not and earning reputation as well as cash/kind things basically enriches himself and his friends. I am thinking more in the single player scenario (which is what I have played most RPG's in and do not really how the the whole multi-player version works although have played in few MMORPG's but that's an endless thing). Look forward to something come out of all this.
  8. Thank you that's useful to know, so it's gonna take quite some time. Can any of the mods close the thread now.
  9. Actually in the short-term, next/upcoming release this might be the solution but at the end of the day nothing beats having an in-game tutorial having triggers. For the experienced ones, they can simply leave. If needed can give many examples, both for RPG,RTS and other types of games who have in-game tutorial to enhance stickiness as well as make the person understand both the game lore as well as control. Just as an e.g. see Medieval 2 http://en.wikipedia....al_War#Tutorial If you go in the casual fare, then games like Virtual Villagers and its ilk have also softened the new player coming to the game. Both of the above are commercial offerings. I would have to hunt but I'm guessing similar in-game tutorials would be found also in good FOSS games. Update :- Megaglest (the fork of Glest FOSS RTS) features in-game tutorial as well. Just my 2 paise.
  10. Jeru, an in-game tutorial would be like for e.g. how the freedroidrpg or crawl-tiles people have done. You go as a player who does not either know the keyboard or the mouse controls and everything is told to you step by step by a friendly narrator. Now of course, I have shared/used RPG's as that is what I have been playing the last few days/weeks but also remember something similar for RTS's as well. Before the campaigns you have tutorial campaigns where you do some sort of mock foraging, mock fighting, mock everything where the narrator hand-holds you and everything. Some games even have tips which make it easier when you are doing stand-alone fights with the computer-controlled AI (Talking single-player here). If you go the manual way then you lose more than half of your prospective audience. There are plenty of people like me who would rather play a game rather than try going through a manual (because it would be visual and you are doing/forced to do something) rather than read . Also have music and maybe dialogues ( with or without voice-overs) which just make it complete. Overall more bang for the buck (even if the price is zero). Also if you want to make it ambitious the in-game tutorial itself could have one or the other factions in the latter stage/s as well. I have to admit that even though I have got your latest build (through Debian) the lack of it hasn't motivated me to play the game. Some of the more fun features you could have for later on to be discovered during campaigns or something, secret areas or whatever. Just 2 paise from a random guy.
  11. It's the real me. While registering it automatically took from gravatar. @KayEhn thanx for the link but that is BORING. Manuals and multi-page manuals at that are boring. Which means it would be sometime before we can have some sort of tutorial.
  12. Hi all, Newbie to the fora and newbie to the game. I was trying to see if there is a tutorial to the game but not. Then tried to see if I could spot a ticket for it, didn't see any ? Maybe its too early to have a ticket for it to follow ? Maybe tutorial is one of the last things people do when they design games ? Looking to understand.
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