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4 hours ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

but the game try to don't have nude

There are lots of men half nude in the game, showing much more skin than the suggested model of Minoan woman.

4 hours ago, Lion.Kanzen said:

I'm not enter in controversy

Yes, sorry. My goal is not to make any controversy, but rather to exchange opinions in a reasonable manner and to give a different voice. I admit choices have been made this way and won't be changed. I simply find it arbitrary and disproportional (especially the nudity/violence balance) and I wanted to share my point of view. But, again, it is just a personal opinion. I'm not trying to make you change your game design choice, but at least make you think about it.

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Ok now is arbitrary...( but for me is a common agreement) because you need thinking always in future.

 So haven't problem but nudity, as artist my mind is open, but... I'm not the only guy in this project ( in the mods and in the 0A.D)

with gore have less problem , but this game try to be family friendly, of course as @wowgetoffyourcellphone say before , we can do a patch to unlock that violence and nudity ( of course to doing things with historical accuracy).

but art is hard to create needs a lot of time, and... Always change, you don't know if in few years the project try to make  new models...

so by now without volunteer more than ourselves, we need take same directions and may be focus in one project.

obviusly as Communicator ( my other career ) is important try to please a big sector that loves the action and lots of substance violence, we can create a version for theirs, considering I started Aristeia project with one guys wants that.

even we support some gore eyecandy like many types of crucifixions and hanging...



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There is no harm in having the different option, maybe base on American video game rating: Mature or Everyone. And since it is only actor changes probably can be made to be compatible for all players (multiplayer). 


In Delenda Est I plan to be a Mature mod. Gaesatae will be naked. Mauryan women have bare breasts. I was thinking of adding blood splashes too with particle. lol. But a mod is optional, not core game.

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