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AI and saved games

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Not a very helpful report :wacko: Please answer the following questions when reporting a problem: what kind of map was it (land or naval) ? does it happen when saving or when loading ? if when loading, attach the saved game, and any other info which can be useful.

For your error gameboy, it does not look connected with the serialization of ai games. Are you sure you did a clean install ? And are you on windows ? I think an autobuild is needed there.

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Thank you very much for my friend, MIMO, thank you for your methodology, help me solve the problem.

I report a new problem: when more than one unit to move on a map, the game becomes stagnant.

I play the single player mode, operating system I use Win7 32bit, thank you!

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My friend,MIMO!

Bug report:

<h2>0 A.D. Main log (warnings and errors only)</h2>
<p class="warning">WARNING: JavaScript warning: __internal(1) press line 0
reference to undefined property g_Selection.toList(...)[0]</p>
<p>Engine exited successfully on 2014-11-20 at 22:14:41 with 1110 message(s), 0 error(s) and 1 warning(s).</p>

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Thanks for the saved game, but that's not enough. Your warning seems to indicate something in the gui, and I don't know how to reproduce it. Reloading your game works and I do not see any problems. So can you summarize what you were doing ? were you doing anything special ? did it happen just after loading the saved game or did you play quite some time before it happening ? and any other info which may be useful.

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