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Civilization Proposal: Khazars


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Northeast of Turkey, the Khazar empire grew in the 500s based on Tengriism. In the 700s however, that all changed for these users of cavalry and siege: they converted to Judaism and attempted to become a safehaven for Jewish peoples.

This factor alone means there are few civs of the era even closely akin to the religiously tolerant Khazars.


At the heart of the Khazar military is their Arsiyah, muslim mercenaries who fought in the saddle.

Their armies, when on the attack, tended to protect siege engines: catapults and Ballistae, possibly even rams.

The Khazars lasted to about the year 1000.

While data on the Khazars is not as extensive as some civs, there's something to be said about a civ in the saddle with powerful siege.

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Niek, I think we can leave this one open.


If you want to discuss the faction line-up, I suggest you'd rather do it here:


Rather than open a topic for every faction you want to see in.

After this Civilization proposal, please make all other Civilization proposals in the post linked to above. Thank you.

And like Lion said, we need more info.

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