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Translation bug


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I'm having a problem with the following string on the Gaelic translation:


%(number)s players. %(description)s

For 3 players, it fetches the wrong plural form - either the one for 1,11 or the one for 2,12

We have had problems with some software defining the wrong plural rules for gd, could you please double-check this?

nplurals=4; plural=(n==1 || n==11) ? 0 : (n==2 || n==12) ? 1 : (n > 2 && n < 20) ? 2 : 3;
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The number displayes on screen is correct, but the plural form is not. I had already double-checked the PO file to make sure it's not a translation error.


    var playerString = sprintf(translatePlural("%(number)s player. %(description)s", "%(number)s players. %(description)s", numPlayers), { number: numPlayers, description: description });

This is the line in current trunk, I have no idea if changes have been made since the release was packaged or not. I simply quoted the code reference in the PO file ;)

This line of code looks correct as far as I can tell, so no idea what is wrong here.

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