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Iberians Heroes


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Fellow Players,

As it is seen all three iberian heroes have a hero aura of guerrilla warfare. Know the hero aura is TBD (to be done). Which means that its not gonna be in alpha 16 since its still TBD know. So i thought that they probably didn't think of an idea for what the guerrilla warfare aura does yet so here is a thread to help them design what the hero aura could be.

My proposal is here: The hero aura generates a sort of unexplored mist around the hero himself so that the units around the hero could sneak in and not be seen until its too late. Sort of like a camouflage. This will add to the idea of lightning strikes and quick and quick withdrawal. Comment what you think or any idea that you believe should be the hero aura for the Iberians.

Thankyou LordMInty

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I suspect that they know what the guerrilla aura should do and that the reason why the feature is not available yet (i.e. TBD) is not because they do not know what it should do, but because the game does not support yet whatever they are planning.

That said, ideas are always useful.

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Well, I have no real idea what sort of stats it should change.

Make the vision range of the other smaller, make their walking speed slower, those are things that can be done now (without code changes). For other stuff, we'd probably have to look on how to do it.

So i was thinking about what u said what about what if you just give the units in the aura more speed and when they are receive damage they automatically flee or something like that!

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Camouflage would be really useful. But how to do it? Could we tag units that they're not 'seen' when the UnitAI picks attack/other operation targets?

And the pathfinder? Should it still treat the camouflaged units as obstacles or pass through by temporarily (for the duration of the spell) removing the units' obstructions? (the latter would be interesting for ghosts too)

The question is how we could allow to have another unit which counters this camouflage, e.g. breaks this 'mist' and makes the obstructions and unit renders reappear?

And what happens to poor units which come directly to the same spot? If the camouflaged units attack then the camouflage is gone. Is it true even for the hero? Best have it moddable via a setting in XML/JSON.

Again this poor unit, will it uncover individual camouflaged units if it reaches the same coordinates?

To reduce vision range of nearby units severly (to e.g. 10..1m) would be an option for all of this, though how costly will it be to examine all those units nearby and especially how to reset the vision range to the old value when they leave the certain proximity and are no longer affected by the camouflage?

The units probably should have ghosty silhouettes even .. and I wonder how we ever should make this happen without Ykkrosh.

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