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Re-launch of for Honour and Glory and presentation


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Thanks that's helping.

Celtic were driven westward and thus Wales were also Celtic, am I wrong here again? I wanted to clarify this since long. I always wondered because we have several Celtic re-enacters here in Germany.

Thus I wondered if those were somehow Germanic, but I see, it's completely different.


I checked a bit with other sources and determined, that Asuka is not suitable. It's not significant enough. Here is what I came up with so far for the complete Japanese timeline. What do you think? (At least we can't include all those less than 100-years periods .. not in the beginning at least.)

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Yamato period (of which the Asuka are part of) is to one half covering Medieval (Millennium I) timespan and to the other half the Iron Age (0 A.D. II) timespan.

It fits in neither release to 100%.

Any fan of the Asuka or other at first left out people should nevertheless feel free to compile art for them. Those can be included as special buildings/units. The engine will make them pop up at the correct timespan or other (prior and contemporary) dynasties might research the Asuka buildings and units.

Left out just means, that they are a minor power and we can't concentrate on those right from the beginning as our art department will complain of too much artwork to be done. ;)

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At this moment I have this list (1st post in the Millennium A.D. PM):

Part 1:

  • Byzantines (Eastern Roman Empire)
  • Norse
  • Norman
  • Saxons
  • Franks (or Carolingians)
  • Goths
  • Arabs (Umayyads)
  • Chinese (Tang Dynasty)
  • Japanese (Asuka Dynasty)
  • Avars (Nomads)

Part 2:

  • Byzantines
  • Poland
  • France (with researchable Crusader units)
  • England (With researchable Crusader units)
  • Holy Roman Empire (with researchable crusaders units (or would some Teutonic Order units be better?) and researchable Hanseatic League units)
  • Chinese (Song Dynasty / Early Ming)
  • Japanese (Kamakura Dynasty)
  • Mongols
  • Turks (Seljuk and Ottoman)
  • Italians (Venice, Genoa)
  • Russia (Early Muscovite)
  • The Khmer


BTW: the Japanese described here http://wildfiregames.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=18648 do even fall beyond part 2 I think

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I have another two civilizations proposal for Part 1: The Anuradhapura Kingdom (Sinhalese from today Sri Lanka): timeline: 377BC to 1017AD, and The Chola dynasty (Tamils from Southern India): timeline : 300BC to 1279AD



You can see my post about Sinhalese Kingdom in the Millenium Mod discussions, for those interested :)

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Some illustrations of Anuradhapura's time: 

Here's a cavalryman from the 5th-6th century AD:



Here's a foot warrior from the same period:



Archer cavalry and swordman:



Maiden archer on war elephant:



War ship:



Fishing canoe:



Emperor Ashoka's diplomatic gift to King Devanampiyatissa of Anuradhapura (3rd century BC):



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Sinhalese civilization draft (first part): Anuradhapura Kingdom (also known as Rajarata Kingdom):

Possible Kings/Heroes: 

- Early Anuradhapura Kingdom (0ad empires ascendant timeline): Historical sources are debatable, because the main source of documentation is the "Mahavamsa" a semi-historical chronicle of the early kings deeds, written by buddhist monks, with some mythical elements mixed into it...There are still some unquestionable facts, such as the very existence of the kings, and their conquests and military feats, which have been historically established.

+ Devanampiya Tissa (307 BC - 267 BC): introduced Buddhism in his kingdom through establishing a diplomatic relationship with Mauryan Emperor Ashoka, from which he supposedly received a seed from the Sacred tree where the Buddha attained enlightenment, and Ashoka's own son Mahinda which became the founder of the first Sangha (buddhist monk community) on the Island.

+ Dutugamunu (161 BC - 137 BC): Defeated King Elara, an usurping Tamil prince from the Chola Dynasty who conquered the throne of Anuradhapura in 205 BC. He allegedly had under his command legendary warriors: "ten giant warriors": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ten_Giant_Warriors

+ Valagamba (103 BC and 89-77 BCE): He defeated tamil invaders, after 14 years of occupation from the latters, and built the Abhayagiri Dagoba (Stupa)


Other important kings (later period):

+ Gajabahu I (114 AD - 136 AD): Very devout king, invaded tamil lands to save his captured soldiers.

+ Dhatusena ( 455 AD - 473 AD): repulsed numerous indian invasions, and established the first navy. He increased the water distribution capacity by building eighteen irrigation tanks. Also famous for having being murdered by his own son:

+ Kashyapa I "the patricide" , or "the mad king" (473 AD - 495 AD) who would finally been slain by his brother Moggallana, true heir to the throne, after an epic battle. During his reign, the capital city was moved from Anuradhapura to Sigiriya ("The Tooth rock"), an impregnable fortress where he felt safe (that didn't save him though):




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