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Very nice music. I love it.

Someone from the art department will probably come by soon.

About the license, you do understand the consequences of the license, and agree to release your music under it? When you license it as CC-BY-CA those pieces of music will be free forever. Free to distribute, free to modify and even free to use in a commercial project (although we're not commercial). But on two conditions that your name (or nickname) is mentioned by whoever uses it, and that all modifications by others are under the same, free, license.

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Thank you for your interest in 0 A.D. :)

Your music sounds great!

I'm Omri Lahav, music team lead for Wildfire Games, I'd love to work with you if you wish to contribute.

If you're 100% sure you understand and agree to the terms of the CC-BY-SA license, we can proceed!

Not all the pieces in the score are acoustic only, but my "golden rule" is that each peace features at least one or two acoustic, live recorded instruments.

I don't want to use any pure VST sound.

Are you capable of studio grade audio recordings?

If not, you can send your contributions to me and I will see to the recordings - but that will be on a free-time basis, and may take a while to complete.

Please have a thorough listen to the existing soundtrack over here, and let me know what you feel you can contribute.

As you may notice, each in-game faction has it's own unique sound, and I wish to keep it that way.

If you'd rather not be so specific - I'm always happy to include more "generic", unassociated peace tracks.

These are often orchestral in nature, but I'm open to suggestions.

Please email me at Omri (at) OmriLahav (dot) com, and we'll talk further.

Thanks again,

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