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  1. Hey, the Sound-Design-History of 0ad seems to be verry complicated because of so many people worked on that years ago and its not easy for me to oversee everything. There are already hundreds of sounds. And that creators were just "ghosting"? Here are some Sounds from yesterday and todays work. Its is verry "alpha" preview like... https://www.dropbox.com/s/ly7iscpe4mbm24o/1 Alpha.rar?dl=0
  2. Ok, so I tought that I juste worked through every point of the list of Lion.Kanzen. And where to upload for critics and suggestions? I mean - is there some kind of dropbox folder or something? Sorry its my first time => I'm "on the road" these days. I continue work later in October.
  3. Ok I start work. .... Can you please tell me something about the hierachy of the project? With whom do I have to keep contact and discuss about technical issues. Perhaps when samples are to long or some aspects need rework ect. Is there a core staff who would feedback what I'm doing? I started work some days ago when I had some beer at a campfire. (THATS what I call to work) I recorded some of the sounds in 3 different steps of intensity. So now there is what I've writte obove: I have 10 minutes of campfiresound but need a programmer who tells me where to upload, what t
  4. Both Music would be more easy as that is my main competence. Does "sound team" mean the implementation of existing sounds? I never worked with Fmod or Wwise so it would take a lot of time to be able to be useful to the team. Creation of sounds would be possible...
  5. Hi I want to contribute, to maybe become a member of the Soundteam. My nowdays specialization shall be the "virtual orchestra". I try to make a sheet sound as good as it can - and so the gods allow - fool somebodys ears by making that music sound natural. I dont know if you're still wanting to have everything made by real instruments. And I even dont know if you have the budget for musicians/orchestra... but if you can imagine to use virtual instruments (and that seems to be a state of the art in modern media) - then I would like to help you. Here are some e
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