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Civ: Sea Peoples


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Yeah, but I don't know what units should get that shield...

Do we have a sea peoples design document? I can't find any.

Anyway: the egyptians are semi-playable (with placeholders)

(their buildings are persian at the moment, but we'll replace them one by one)

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need more people with Documentation. and not, Idawin we must ask for Models to lordgood.

I'm waiting for him to do the UV's xD

That's the most time-consuming part of 3D modelling.

UV-wrapping someone else's model is like ... taking someone else's clothes of. It's a really uncomfortable thing to do when you've got little experience and it often turns out to be harder than expected (that might have something to do with it being dark and with those bizarre clothings that should - imho - be shipped with a manual). Anyway, back to 3D modelling.

I'll ask LordGood to send me his models, and also if he's still planning to UV-unwrap them.

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