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Civ: Sea Peoples


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OK i understand


or recruit Programmers in other Forum.

we must ask first to know how kind Programmer we must find


Swordman basic and Spearman. we make work like romans and iberians. Civic centre. Woman, Swordman, Scout, and Archers.

Later Mercenary Barracks theme like Carthaginians.

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Try to make a UV, Lion is good at texturing.

idawin try texturing you, in color the spikes and base in yellow, when you finish give e image file and i retexturing because and don knot in what position is put in to the image.

you know basic texturing idawin, try to teach basic with some screen shoots.

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Speaking of Egyptian:

The round shield was an import from the Aegean. The Sea Peoples were depicted using them in Egypt, at first against Ramses III and later as mercenaries against the pharaohs' enemies. The form doesn't seem to have had any intrinsic military value, but was rather a local tradition which spread over much of the eastern Mediterranean.


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