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0 A.D. Graphics for Gameolith

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I created them. Some of them do not have higher quality versions and some do.

Ok. Mythos_Ruler, great great work!!

I wonder : the first emblem of the macedonians have an almost fluo purple color. Is it accurate ? It's surprising to me.

And the Mauryan emblem, I think it lacks some lisbility. We don't really guess the 3 lions of the pillar... So, maybe a single lion, or a different graphic style for the trio would help having it clearer. Just a thought.

Did you made all that on Gimp ?

For the information, I did the box-art on Inkscape, with a little work on Gimp for the background that links game screenshot and greek pottery photo.

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Hi! I just found this discussion, so I put together some ideas for the banners. I would like to have a nice image of a soldier (on a transparent background) to put on the left of the larger one espe

Hi folks ! Here are the 3 requested PNG elements for Gameolith, plus a large version of the box art in jpg. For the banners, as you can see, I alternate the background to use 2 interesting horizontal

And yet an alternative version with a bit of 0AD palms landscape (recent screenshot !)

Posted Images

The face with the tongue out of the mouth reminds me of a documentary i watched just yesterday Discovery Channel about Medusa. The pic represents a gorgon, that means "horrible creature", in ancient greek. A cool fact is: pics with the same characteristics (pointy teeth, tongue, wide eyes...) are represented in almost every ancient civilization (aztecs, chinese, indians, egyptians...), and although all got different myths about them, all of them shared the idea that it represented a bad thing. :yes3:

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I forgot to update that Gameolith has written back:

Hi Aviv,

We're readying a new submissions system at the moment, which will

streamline the process of getting a game onto Gameolith. The first

version of this is very near to completion, and we'll be able to open

up access to it in a few days. Once this is done, we'll resume adding

games, including 0 A.D., which I still want to see on Gameolith!

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Tonight I wanted to try a Persian version of the box-art, and here it is !

(the small version is scaled like the Gameolith request for box-art, 180x272.


I will try similar alternative box-arts with the other civilizations of the game. That makes nice box-art but we also can see them as eventual posters (for sale ?). FYI, the fresco photo used here is a public domain pic I found on Wikimedia Commons.

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That was my impression as well so you better be careful with your language usage Lion ;) English is not a regular language it has all sorts of irregular idioms and history which is why it is one of the most difficult to learn :unknw:

Enjoy the Choice :)

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Persian and greek, i want a Roman art Work :P amigo

Pronto amigo ! ;) Actually, I've tried a Roman version, but I'm not happy with it, it doesn't work for now. ASAP I try to make it work. Lion, if you have a some ancient material for me to use for the photo-manip work, don't hesitate! The best the source material, the best my possibilities! :)

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a Roman Relief?,

Yes man, or pottery, or painting from Roman age. It has to be picture of warriors, and it has to look f... good :)

I've searched one for the Celts, and the only Celt warriors ancient picture I've found doesn't work as great as the Greek pottery of the Persian relief.

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