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0 A.D. Graphics for Gameolith

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We need help creating graphics for a 0 A.D. page on Linux game distribution website Gameolith:

In the meantime, there's a few prerequisites before any game goes up

on Gameolith, which are graphical in nature. We require 3 pieces of

artwork - box art scalable to 180x272, and two banner images with the

game's title on it of sizes 535x272 and 856x337 respectively. The box

art is for listings across the website, the first banner is for the

game page, and the second is to promote the game on the front page and

under genre listings. Other non-compulsory elements which we will find

extremely useful is a logo as a clean vector or a very large

transparent PNG, and maybe the source files used to mock up all the


Any takers?

Thanks in advance.

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Hi! I just found this discussion, so I put together some ideas for the banners. I would like to have a nice image of a soldier (on a transparent background) to put on the left of the larger one espe

Hi folks ! Here are the 3 requested PNG elements for Gameolith, plus a large version of the box art in jpg. For the banners, as you can see, I alternate the background to use 2 interesting horizontal

And yet an alternative version with a bit of 0AD palms landscape (recent screenshot !)

Posted Images

I like the art, but IMO it lacks some elements to impress one that doesn't know anything about the game. I mean, The game is about ancient warfare but all you see is a shadow of what looks like a palm. What would you think? I guess it could have some epic confrontation and/or some of the beautiful landscape of the game.

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That shadow could be some Celtic dude's limed hair. :celt:

Yeah, there should be some elements of antiquity and war. Also, greater contrast between text and background ("History is yours...!" is currently hard to read.)

Good graphic design for readability would probably have that text as white with a 2px black stroke or other similar effect.
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Here is my second proposal.

I haven't had much time yesterday and today so I have not explored a lot. Later this week I will try other possibilities. I'd love something between this and my first idea. I'd like to reach something quite minimalist.

We use Optimus Princeps but that isn't OS, IIRC. But Gentium Basic is a great alternative.

Thanks Geek377! I've then used this font for the sentence at the top.


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Those screenshots you used are pretty old, the game looks different now, please use some newer ones if you take this further. I like the design though, it is a nice natural split between the screenshots.

As you say, there's a nice natural split between the screenshots, and I'd like to keep that if possible with recent screenshots.

By the way, where is the best spot to find recent and good quality screenshots ?

I could make screenshots myself into the game, but it would took hours of gaming to reach the accurate scene.

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Awesome work. I tried to make something similar, but i'm no artist and all i could do was a pure mess, so threw that crap away. :unknw:

I'd just add the rocky background of the first art on the immediate proximity behind the "0 AD" (as if in a sculpture), just to make it stand out a bit more (but i suspect it'll turn the whole thing too polluted, you're the artist, you'll see what's best for it).

EDIT: Brynn's work could also be used in the website, uh?

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Hi! I just found this discussion, so I put together some ideas for the banners.

Hi Brynn!

I like the atmosphere of your banners, and I'd like to go quite a similar way with them. You seem to have stock of nice screenshots. Do you ?

I need recent screenshots (best with armies and buildings) to have the most updates look for the game on the box art.

Quantumstate already suggested me ModDB but the screens there are not exactly what I need.

Cool if you have that!

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Another version :

The soldiers picture is a photo I took this summer in Greece of an Ancient pottery.

Can someone confirm me if 0AD can include exterior pictures, as long as these are public domain (this is the case here) ?

I'm not very happy with the catch sentence in the upper part. Probably too big, or needing some stuffs around it. I'll see how I can improve that.

Are there other logos or informations to include in the bottom ?



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