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So - where would you like to live / work in for 2 - 3 years?

Where would you prefer to live and work for 2 - 3 years?  

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  1. 1. Where would you prefer to live and work for 2 - 3 years?

    • People's Republic of China
    • Taiwan
    • Japan
    • Israel
    • Saudi Arabia

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PRC and Saudi Arabia are dictatorships, sounds like a raw deal to me. No real academic freedom. Saudi Arabia especially strikes me as a crappy place to live for everyone except the elite and perhaps a bubble created for some foreigners.

Japan is economically stagnant and the interesting parts are also the most expensive in the world. But a fascinating place nonetheless.

I know next to nothing about Taiwan except that they are brave enough to challenge the PRC.

(Edit: And I love Israel, it is a free, vibrant country with a burgeoning economy and warm, fascinating people.)

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It's between Japan, China and Israel.

Israel because of it's history, and because I have a friend who lived there for a year and says it's GREAT. Nothing like the bullshit you read in the papers and hear about in the news. :)

Japan because of the reasons above, and because it's an Island. :)

China is probably my first choice though. A guy I know lived there for a year (not the same guy) and said it was great. Much more open than you'd think.

Also, China is soon to be the no.1 economy on the planet, its just a matter of time, so can't be the worst thing in the world, learning chinese (mandarin) i mean. Also, it seems like a cool country with cool people. Although, thats just my imagination :)


Oh, can I ask why? Why only these countries and is it for studying or work?

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Generally, visitors are allowed a bit more freedom so that they can claim they are open. ;) They heavily restrict the internet for their own people. There was even a major story not long ago about Google leaving because they didn't want to follow the censorship rules.

As for me, I'd choose Israel first, and Japan or Taiwan second.

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2 to 3 years you say?

Well if the north atlantic terrorist organisation stops bombing libya in that time, definately libya. Free education for my future kids and free medicine, (if gadaffi wins the struggle) and i hope alot of blacks survive the massacre that the "rebels" are giving them, holocaust again, only its blacks not jews. Sad.

If not im fine with staying in Australia.

Oh and mythos your welcome in sydney, if you ever come to australia :)

Edit: Noticed the poll, so Japan, i watch alot of anime and read alot of manga and my best friends been to japan so he can show me round :)

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I'd not live in any of these countries listed, but of them, Israel is the most reasonable. Japan is a good country, but as said some posts above, its economy is stagnant (plus i heard there is some xenophoby there). Most of Computer Science Professors around here lived in Germany during Ph.D. and liked very much, i'd not live further north, too cold for a guy who always lived above 20°C (68°F)!

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