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Ah, that's useful information. I can change the random map scripts to use single mines if we prefer those. Actually I had to guess about what assets to use, since most had been renamed or deleted, and I'm not really a map designer. :)

A good thing would be to just look at some of the custom maps I've made and try to emulate those. :) But you can also be creative on your own (you don't have to be shackled to my design sensibility). But I think the closer we can get the random map scripts to looking like hand-sculpted scenarios, the better.

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Personally, I'd like to see different shaped metal mines, so if the smaller ones don't have sparkles, then lets add some so they can be used.

Shouldn't all these things be using inheritance anyway?


LargeMetal < Metal

SmallMetal < Metal

? I'm not sure how the XML system works for inheritance like that.

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I guess the particle thing is hardcoded right?

or is it done with scripts? I wanted to mess with it a little.

Effects like Grow and Zhirnk and velocity change over time or sines and cosines would be cool.

Also emmition shape (cube, spehere, cylinder) is i nice one.

The alpha change time. so the can appear suddenly or just smoothly fade in.

I think it's also nice to put a wind constant somewhere in the envoirement editor so there is a single value applyable to all partilces with the <affected by wind> tag or something.

and is it also possible to set models as particles instead of only textures?

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Thinking of using the particle system for boat wake? That would be really cool IMO.

Particles could be used for water violently splashing against rock too.

I've actually just committed some "Destruction Dust" particles for the Barracks buildings. SVN Update to try them out. Just place a Barracks in Atlas, 'Play' the Simulation, then delete the Barracks to see how it looks.

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Thinking of using the particle system for boat wake? That would be really cool IMO.

Would it? Particle systems have a fixed emitter, which would move along behind the boat maybe, but even if the emitted particles remained static behind the boat I don't see how it would look realistic while moving. If I'm not mistaken, animated textures was an idea thrown around in the past. Kinda moot point if we don't have animated textures :( Maybe some shading effect?

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Particle systems have a fixed emitter

What about Projectiles, like in that catapult video in the alpha 9 preview thread?

Anyways since wakes are the interference of many waves, I think it would look good boats spawned static particles behind them. Those particles would be animated "sprites", i guess, of the two wakes moving perpendicular to the boat's velocity at the time & place the particle was spawned. Hopes that makes some sense.

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Its always better to view it in motion. Have this 3mb avi (any better idea apart from spamming youtube btw.?)


I dont like the individual particles showing in the original smoke, they're too uniform/round and dont offer any depth.

But I see the problem, my particle sprite is better for large pillars of thick smoke, like burning buildings. These fires only produce campfire smoke at most, so it would disperse and easily be scattered by light winds. But it looks too thick at the moment. I'll do another run on that. I'm going to reuse the current particles for the thick black damage-smoke that comes next. :)

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