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  1. Hey, that is a great thing! If there is a way to support you doing this, BF_Tanks, I'd gladly to it (like a Flattr-button or whatever). Just a few weeks ago I tried to install ModPack Studio and remembered that 64bit problem. I'd really like to play a session or two with my father again. Cheers!
  2. Yes, it currently uses one for the broader base of the flame and one for the thin part. This is only a workaround, to get flame-particles smaller at the top like real fire tends to. I think it badly needs a parameter to make the size of the sprite smaller over time, like "time.size" or something to reflect this. Another emitter is used for flying embers and one does the smoke. An option for controlling the transparency of the particles would be nice too. I have another thing to say about performance, that is probably better suited in another thread, but to sum it up: How about a quality slider
  3. Its always better to view it in motion. Have this 3mb avi (any better idea apart from spamming youtube btw.?) temple_fires_xvid.avi I dont like the individual particles showing in the original smoke, they're too uniform/round and dont offer any depth. But I see the problem, my particle sprite is better for large pillars of thick smoke, like burning buildings. These fires only produce campfire smoke at most, so it would disperse and easily be scattered by light winds. But it looks too thick at the moment. I'll do another run on that. I'm going to reuse the current particles for the thick black
  4. Hi! @Pureon: Thanks for the assignments, I'll do those two and we'll see if I fit the art style. @Mythos: Thanks! Yep, I am interested in texturing, also because it is something I don't have soo much experience as with traditional 2D artwork. First I will finish my particle overhaul of some of the smoke, flames and building dust, and then concentrate on the icons.
  5. Hi! I either found a bug in the particle system or I am not doing it right Problem solved. Sometimes, going away and read the documentation again later can help enormously.
  6. Hi feneuer. Of course I'd like do an example. I already read the document describing the XML which controls any given particle emitter. One quick question though: If I extract the public.zip and start editing XMLs, are these extracted files automatically taking precedence over the zipped file? How does hotswapping work else, because editing or opening the public.zip after the game is running is not possible. Okay, somehow I failed to realize it works exactly like that. I am tweaking particle-effects right now. I love doing icons, any particular ones you are unhappy with? Are there already any
  7. Hi! here is my application form. ^^ Position: Textures and maybe building-models or stuff like rock formations, web-stuff as needed, I can do anything from scripting, maintenance to design. Do you understand that Wildfire Games is a non-commercial project, work for 0 A.D. is volunteer, and work is done for free? Yes Do you agree to distribute all your work for Wildfire Games under Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike license? Yes Name: Noël Ströhmer Email: noel(at)strongground(dot)de MSN Messenger: I only use ICQ-protocol via Pidgin: 344859287 (at monthly basis if ever) Location: Cologne,
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