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Campaign Mode?


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So in terms of the campaign, what would one have in mind for it?

My thoughts would be to make it a little bit like AoM. The campaign can be made as one big one that would weave through most of the factions in the game, allowing people to get a taste of everything. You could attempt to find a piece in history where all factions are related somehow and you would go from one faction's POV to the next after a certain number of missions.

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I would LOVE to see single player campaigns in 0 A.D. since I'm not a multiplayer person (plus the ping is TERRIBLE in Vietnam) and I would enjoy a campaign based on history since I'm interested in ancient warfare.

However, if you're doing the Persian invasion of Greece, I wonder how the Thermopylae scenario will turn out.

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Plus, the first things that need to be taught in the game are really basic - micromanaging citizens, using resources, farming and stuff like that. That doesn't really tie in with the fall of the republic - we'd have to start with a story of a dawn of a civilization, like Rome, Greece or Persia.

So it might be a cool campaign but not for the tutorial campaign, which imho would be the first priority.

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On second thought, the rise of civilization is a much better idea:

"Welcome to 0 AD, stranger. Before we can tell you how to pan the camera, you should know that the Roman Republic is failing. There are exactly 8 former friends of yours about to backstab you. The Senate has declared you an outlaw, and the optimates are calling you a traitor. The colony you see before you is about to be pillaged by Spartacus. Oh, and you gave Cleopatra Philopater herpes.

Once again, welcome to 0 AD."


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The top goal of a tutorial campaign is to let complete novices learn how to play the game as easily as possible. That means eliminating unnecessary complexity, like Sophokles mentioned, and starting from the absolute very basics, which might entail having a narrator hold the user's hand and order them around, at least at the beginning. (I am in college and unfortunately I see bad teaching every day ;))

So although we want the game to be fun for experienced RTS players, the tutorial campaign is not the place to accomplish that. This goal is better served in other campaigns that might be bundled with the game, in user-generated scenarios and campaigns, and in multiplayer gameplay.

Why dawn of civilization and not the fall of Rome? Teaching the game should start with teaching how to manage the simplest units, like civilians, in the earliest phase of settlements, which is a village. From there the user will learn about towns, cities, building armies and such. The dawn of a civilization is a good historical background for this.

There's no word yet on the number of scenarios in the campaign. Maybe we'll manage to bundle it all into one scenario, but that's a long time off.

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