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What are you paying for gas now?

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The price jumps up every Thursday and goes back down at its own pace pretty much depending on the gas company. The highest I can remember here (Montreal, Can) must have been something like $1.40 a litre. That was not too long ago either. I payed $1.06/L a few days back when I filled up. Its sad that I now find that cheap!!! You guys in the US don't know how good you have it!

Lets see slightly less than 4 L per Gal Right? So 1.40 x 4 = $5.6 (CAN) per GAL of gas. wowzors!

Guess that's the price we pay to send our oil to the USA and have it refined then sold back to us!!!

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Is it USD$2.00/litre(gallon) or what. Because in Australia it's hovering around AUD$1.50. which coincidentally means we are paying more (when you convert litres into Gallons).

Either we should be paying 0.22/2.00 (I'm really tired right now) or you should be paying 4.55x1.50.

Interestingly enough despite all Petrol Companies having standardised prices (Two stations one suburb = same price) there is nothing illegal (price-fixing etc.). I think our Consumer Affairs people need to work harder.

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