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  1. Uhm....excuse me...but...there's enough effort going into actually creating the game. Why don't you just check back every so often?
  2. I believe Age Of Empires III incorporated something similar to this in the fact that if enemy units got to close, the unit swapped to melee attacks if they were ranged.
  3. I can guarantee that the medicine to cure cancer when it comes will be expensive. That's just an inevitability.
  4. You have been here since March 28th. On a different note, hope everyone has voted!
  5. Yehaw! That's hotness right here! We're right up there with Portal!
  6. That's our PPE And yes, welcome to the forum!
  7. Says the one with 1k+ posts xD j/k Jokes aside, welcome, and enjoy your time here!
  8. That's why you never use M$ drivers Anyway, sorry for off topic comment here. I imagine population will be easily editable in some distinct way. Then again, my definition of easy is opening a file, changing one value, and it all works, but with a game, well....I dunno lol, one value can end up screwing the whole thing...(did it on a WoW private server i was working on....had to reset and restart from scratch...)
  9. I would like to see that list of German tribes, and point and be like "OMG There are so many!!!!" Then fall over and pass out *shifts eyes* Don't stare at me!! >.>
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