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Spartiates worst champ unit?!

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Does anyone remember the day when sometimes when loading game it would say spartiates the strongest infinitry in the game? THAT is such BS!

Now I only tested against mace.... but even with Leonids 50 spartiates lose to 50 of mace spear champs and definitely 50 sword champs.

When are spartiates gonna be useful?  They should at least do as much dmg as mace spear, or have more armor?  Maybe even be as fast as nake fanatics.

Spartans are maybe the ONLY civ that dont have useful champs IMO... Way more effieent to go skiri and skrimishers with OP Brasidas.

Thoughts?  I heard there may be improvements for A27... not sure i can wait that long! What about teaking them in com mod?

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