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Spring Q and A is now posted on front page.


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Most of you probably don't know me, so allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jason Shores, and I am a new member to the 0 A.D. team. I will be helping manage the team as the project moves closer towards completion. I have been lurking the forums for the past couple of weeks in an effort to get to know the community better. In March I am going to be testing the waters with a new Question and Answer section that may turn into a montly event if it takes off. Hopefully the Q and A will help you, the community members, get better familiarized with the project.

So here is your chance to submit any questions you may have related to the 0 A.D. project. Some of the questions will undoubtedly be answered here. Others may be answered in the Q and A, or both here and there. You can submit your questions here or you can email me directly at jshores@wildfiregames.com.

I look forward to answering any questions you have about this incredible project. :P

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I guess I should say congratulations with joining the team also, so congratulations. ! :P

To start up, if you want to make a difference (:)):

When is the beta\alpha\the real deal done? Release date is the ultimate question.

Will units be able to walk on walls?

How much "hitpoints" will resources have? Like, in Empire Earth, a goldmine never (at least from my experience) hit 0. It has like 999999999 when you start, and no one gathers that much gold. Or, will it be like AoK where resources must be found all the time, because they run out? Or is it an option?

hmm, it's all I can think about right now, so .... hit me =D


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Hi, first of all this game looks awesome, I study history in uni and I like games that aim for historical accuracy. I also really like the style of how the game looks, realistic but still game-ish. :P

I got two questions to add:

Are the system requirements still the same / will they go up?

Are you able to play a somewhat stable match with the current build of 0AD? (would give an indication of development)

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Hey all, this is my first post here and i must say the game looks great. I've visited these forums a few times and checked out the features but I've never actually posted unitl now because I've got a few gameplay questions.

First, when you say the civs are unique, do you mean that they will be civs like Starcraft (completley seperate techs, buildings, and units, no sharing between civs) or like AOEIII (standard unit/ tech set with a few unique to each civ)?

Also, as an estimate, how long will it take for a player to get his high-tech units in the average game? How long will the average game last?

Finally, I heard that you want to devote a whole year to beta testing. Are you currently in beta state?

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Just a few... :)

Will .blend files (blender 3d) be directly supported and how difficult would it be to transport the corresponding blender animations into 0AD?

How much will be possible inside the editor, "Atlas?" Will it be possible to make major changes without actually altering the game? For example, will it be possible to rename civilizations, make major adjustments to the tech tree, etc.?

Will there be a dedicated unit editor inside "Atlas?"

Will the trigger setup be like AoK or similar? If not, then what will it be like?

Other than AI scripting, how much coding will be required to create a scenario? (ie - will the triggers and other effects be adequate for most users?)

Will it be possible for a user to add controller support to create different genres of games (rpgs, etc.), or would this require a serious amount of recoding?

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Just curious, but since you don't plan opensourcing and so there is little chance that 0AD will be part of any Linux distribution, do you plan to make own repository of packages for mostly used distros so when new version is available, users can update it via package manager?

Or you plan to make just single installer/archive?

If some repository is planned, will it also contain mods which could update same way? I think, that thiswould be really appreciated.

There are many Linux users and they would be certainly delighted.

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Since 0AD is going to be a freeware game (or similar if i am not wrong, i don't know too much about public license and such), are you going to release the first version of the game when it will be completely finished or almost, like regular beta versions and so, or will you release also early version for scripting purposes ( like AI scripting, that i like very much ) or public testing purpose or similar?

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My typing fingers have convinced me to close the March Q and A to anymore questions. I really should take the time to learn to type with more than just two of them. Feel free to submit more questions, maybe they will find a home in the next edition of the Q and A.

BTW, Q and A could definitely use a more creative moniker. I challenge you all to put your thinking caps on and come up with a better name for the Q and A that is a ) relevant to the time period of the game, b ) is clever. :)

In return I offer an ice cold round of the good stuff :)

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