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Yet another ancient-history themed movie?


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@Wijit: Is your trailer link for the same movie as Bobby is referring to? Or will we be seeing two seperate Alexander films?

Yeah, with lea-nerdo :)

Ugh, I don't see how a historical movie can be good (or historically accurate) with DiCaprio and Kidman in lead roles... :P

A Hannibal movie may be good (y)

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King Arthur - Looks really good! Can't wait to see this one!

Hannibal - Yea, heard the rumours but haven't seen anything else. But sounds interesting.

Troy - I liked it, if for nothing else Achilles was awesome. But then I never read the Illiad so I'm sure if I did I would be horrified!

Alexander1 - Leonardo is actually a good actor, I like him, but I'm not sure he fits in this role. Kidman is good.

Alexander2 - Colin Farrel is not much better to play the role, but he's cool so it's forgivable. Angelina Jolie (playing his mother) is more appropriate than Kidman so I guess it's this one I prefer.

I think that's all the historical ones in the horizon.

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I'm sure most of you have seen King Arthur by now. I have to say it was one of my favorite movies of the past 10 years. It was very well done in alot of ways. I loved the music too. If you haven't seen it, go!! I would imagine it would be great inspiration for the game. It was for me. I'm writing more music for 0 AD now!

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